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Japanese Drama - Sengyou Shufu Tantei~Watashi wa Shadow



I have been following alot of Japanese drama recently as alot of my favorite Japanese artistes are starring in the  Japanese fall season dramas and here is another drama that i have started watching and recommends for those who are looking for an interesting drama to watch ;) Kyoko Fukada and Fujiki Naohito are the main leads in this new Japanese housewife detective TBS drama which aired in Japan on 21 October 2011 and they acted as a married couple in the show. You can watch it online at ( or (


Fukada Kyoko stars as Asagi Serina, a housewife who loves her husband, Takefumi (Fujiki Naohito), to the extent that she would not mind being his shadow. However, his response to her excessive devotion is to attempt to avoid her “burdensome”, “gross” expression of love. Takefumi is an elite salaryman who works at a brokerage firm. Serina is teased by others that she is a shadow who lives behind her husband, but Serina is happy to live for Takefumi. She wants to be Takefumi's shadow and to do her best for him.

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Takefumi is not as comfortable with Serina showering him with so much attention. Takefumi also has something else to worry about. Chihaya Niiyama(Yuriko Ishida) is his boss and quite beautiful. Chihaya is interested in Takefumi and hires a private detective to investigate if Serina has any dirty secrets that she can use against her and to entice Takefumi to be with her. She forces Takefumi to enter into a dating relationship using her position as his boss. Takefumi is unable to turn down Chihaya's advances and becomes worried.


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With a wife’s naivety, Serina refuses to suspect her husband of infidelity, and initially gets frustrated. One day, at the insistence of her friend Motoko Tokura (Sei Ashina), Serina decides to have lunch with Motoko's male co-workers from a publishing company. On the way back home, one of the men gets close to Serina and tries to take advantage of her. At that moment, Detective Haruki Jinnai(Kenta Kiritani) takes a picture and threatens Serina to reveal the picture unless she pays him money. He did not reveal to her that Chihaya had paid him to investigate her and he also kept the incident and photos from Chihaya as he also pities Serina for being so naive and trusting of her husband. Serina doesn't have any money, but she definitely doesn't want her husband to see the picture. Instead of paying Haruki, Serina ends up working as his assistant.

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Serina learns the tricks of the trade and self defense. Through the training, Serina also starts to change. She wasn't able to express her own opinions before, but now can solve problems and help others. She also takes up the guise of a beautiful woman with the help of makeup artist Takeni Toshoma(Arata Furuta) for work. Serina had decided to be a detective so that she can become stronger and save her marriage.

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This ordinary, bumbling housewife grows stronger and improves her self-confidence through the skills she hones. Serina wants to support and help her husband instead of flaunting her new self to him because he is having a hard time. Aware of the problem that happened to her husband because of her over positivity, she sets about trying to solve it.

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