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Hong Kong Drama - Forensic Heroes 3



"Forensic Heroes 3" is one of three grand TVB productions used to celebrate the channel's 44th anniversary, the other two being "Super Snoops" and "Curse of the Royal Harem".




"Forensic Heroes" and "Curse of the Royal Harem" which stars Myolie Wu and Jessica Hsuan are in my list of "To watch Hong Kong dramas" and I have been eagerly waiting to watch "Forensic Heroes" since i learnt that Wayne Lai will be taking over Bobby Au Yeung's main lead character. He looks so cool and dashing in the promo posters and his character is so different from all his other past roles.




I had watched season 1 and 2 of "Forensic Heroes" with Bobby as the main lead and love its fast paced action and interesting cases. Its a pity Bobby could not reprise his role in season 3 but i'm glad that Wayne Lai is the male lead for this drama as i have enjoyed watching his past dramas and he is getting really popular nowadays. I have been looking forward to his portrayal as a Senior Forensic Chemist Jack Po or Pro Sir as he is called by his colleagues in the drama. Nancy Wu plays his lawyer wife in the drama.








Charmaine Sheh who had appeared in season 2 was originally set to be the lead actress, however due to an injury causing joint dislocation, she was forced to withdraw from the series. Maggie Cheung replaces her as the female lead at the last minute and acts as Senior Coroner Mandy Chung in the show. She had also chosen to cut her hair short to suit the character and looks great in her new hairstyle.






Kate Tsui and Ron Ng act as police officers in the drama.


The drama aired in Hong Kong this week featuring new stories and characters and i managed to watch 2 episodes online and it is still as exciting and interesting as the previous seasons and i would highly recommend it to those who loves watching Hong Kong dramas.


Pro Sir is the head of the Forensic Department and is skilled at analyzing criminal psychology. He has an unique view on human nature and is familiar with the structure of various firearms. Pro Sir works closely with Senior Coroner Mandy Chung in a wide range of fields including psychology, anthropology, criminology and forensic science.








CID Senior Inspector Ada Ling (Kate Tsui) and Sergeant Lee Chin-fung (Ron Ng) work together cracking many murder cases. Their relationship goes from good friends 'brothers' to a pair of lovers.









With a backbone of 12 cases, the forensic scientists, forensic doctors and the police all work together to accommodate each other to solve these cases. The perspective in this third installment is much wider than the previous two seasons with a legal standpoint in addition to the forensics.









Aimee Chan & Nancy Wu Like 'Twins' At The Forensic Heroes 3 Finale Event (Updated 22 November 2011)



The other night, Kate Tsui, Aimee Chan, Nancy Wu, Ron Ng, Maggie Cheung and Edwin Siu watched the 2 hour finale of Forensic Heroes III (the entire series ratings averaged at 36 with the finale episode getting 40 points and peaking at 46) together with a large group of fans. Among the three beauties, Kate was the most revealing, but was overshadowed by Maggie's tears. When Maggie saw the part where Aimee Chan was murdered, she teared up and successfully stole the limelight in a different way.


Regarding the three beauties competing for sexiness, Kate laughed: "Honestly, just respecting the occasion, there is no competition. This series got such good ratings, I hope there will be more breakthroughs! I heard Nelson Leung will be treating us all a meal later, and I also hope to team up with Maggie, Ron and the others to treat the crew a meal too." Aimee and Nancy were both dressed in see-through dresses, like a pair of twins. Nancy expressed they didn't set this up and suggested that TVB should make arrangements for the two to be twins next time. As Nancy had a bloody murder in the series, Nancy surprisingly said: "I thought it wasn't bloody enough, the cross-blooded scar could be even more intense. However, just now when I saw some of the clips, it really felt bitter."

Producer Miu Siu Ching expressed she does not know about shooting part 4 to the Forensic Heroes series, but the series has already left a hook line, so if there will be a part 4, will have to see the audience responses. Asked if this implies she will no longer leave TVB? She said: "I'll think about it! The series had such good response."

That night at the FH3 finale gathering, Ron Ng was fortunate enough to win a brand name watch, but he generously declined to accept and was willing to put it back in for the raffle. Results, Ram Chiang won the watch instead. During the interview, Ron supported the idea that he, Kate and the other leads should treat the entire crew a meal to celebrate. Earlier, Wayne Lai already took the lead in treating the meal, but Ron is more than willing to provide his support on the side.


It was said because Fala Chen fell ill that she had to withdraw from new series The Prominent Family. As one of the cast members, Ron frankly said he just found out about the news: "Initially I was suppose to be involved in a love triangle with Kenneth Ma and Fala, but now I'm not sure who will replace. This series will start on December 8th, not sure if the schedule will be postponed or not, but I do hope Fala recovers soon and that she takes advantage of this time for a little break!"

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