Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ayase Haruka Appears In New CM for “SK-II”


On October 17th, my favorite Japanese actress Ayase Haruka attended a new CM announcement for SK-II in Tokyo with Momoi Kaori. Momoi, who touched Ayase’s skin, commented, “I can’t believe this is a human’s skin. Wow~, incredible! It feels like a soft candy…,” and was shocked at the flawless texture of her skin.



This new CM titled, “5 Secrets”, features Ayase, Momoi, and Koyuki endorsing the “Facial Treatment Essence”. In the advertisement, Ayase brings attention to her “Tamago (Egg) Skin”, Momoi and her “Momo (Peach) Skin”, and Koyuki and her “Koyuki (Snow) Skin”. Momoi, who revealed that she has been using the “SK-II” brand for the longest time, said, “I think of it as a comrade in arms and it is perfect for me. If this brand was a man, this would be my partner who understands me well,” thus giving a high praise to this skincare brand.





This new CM broadcasted in Japan on 21 October and you can view the video below.


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