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(SPOILER) Korean Drama - The Greatest Love Happy Ending :)

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I have finished watching the final episode of "The Greatest Love" during the weekend and am really satisfied and happy with its ending :) really don't want it to end so soon as i love seeing Dokko Jin and Gu Ae Jeong together and this is one drama that really makes me laugh out loud and i love Dokko Jin's funny and exaggerating expressions! He can appear arrogant, cute and charming at the same time and i think this role is really tailored made for actor Cha Seung Won. I like the way Dokko Jin chose to announce his love for Ae Jeong to the public using a guessing game on TV.  It was so funny seeing him ending up choosing Ae Jeong over Shin Mina to the horror of everyone watching the show. Great plotting Dokko Jin!


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They really make such a cute couple in the drama and her nephew 'Ding Dong' is so cute which further adds to the cuteness of the drama!



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I also like how Kang Se Ri's character turn out to be quite cute and childlike at times and not as bitchy as initially. It was so funny how she ended up falling for Yoon Pil Joon and praying that Dokko Jin and Ae Jeong will be together so that she will get Yoon Pil Joon. I'm glad she did not join their ex-manager to plot against Ae Jeong and even ended up threatening him instead heehee ;p The scenes where she plan to chase Yoon Pil Joon to China and also went to climb up a mountain just so she can bumped into Yoon Pil Joon was quite sweet.

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I also love seeing all 3 members of the National Treasure Girls being Ae Jeong's bridesmaids. They look so sweet and pretty in their matching pink gowns. I can almost imagine them performing their Thumping Thumping song in that scene!


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"The Greatest Love" is definitely one of my most favorite Korean drama and i love that its not draggy and i love the straight forward love between Dokko Jin and Ae Jeong and the second leads (Kang Se Ri & Yoon Pil Joon) did not really interfered too much in their relationship and make it too painful or tiring to watch. Gonna miss seeing Dokko Jin's antic every week :( Think this is Cha Seung Won's best role!

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In the final episode of MBC drama "The Greatest Love" Goo Ae-jeong (Kong Hyo-jin) and Dok Go-jin (Cha Seung-won) got married and became the national couple. She was no longer the unfavorable star anymore. In this episode Dok Go-jin's popularity dropped after he admitted to the relationship with Goo Ae-jeong. Netizens mad mouthed him. In this situation, Goo Ae-jeong got into a car accident. This caused the media to boil even more. Netizens started being malicious and Dok Go-jin was infuriated. Then the rumor of the 'Dok Go-jin video' started expanding fast. Dok Go-jin and Goo Ae-jeong's stardom might be over.

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However, the video changed their lives. The video was a will left by Dok Go-jin to Goo Ae-jeong before his heart surgery. He had said in the video, "If this video is revealed then I'm not in this world as my surgery would've failed. I want to ask those who loved me to protect the one I love. Goo Ae-jeong has become unfavorable due to misunderstandings but she is kinder than anyone else I know. Please help me protect her from any misunderstandings about our love".


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The video swept clean any criticism. They suddenly became the national couple. They got married with the country's blessings and as time passed by they were living happily with a child. This was the best happy ending to those who thought it would end in a sad one.


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It was a happy ending for MBC drama "The Greatest Love" which ended on the 23rd as well as the viewer rate. According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the last episode of "The Greatest Love" on the 23rd rated 21.0%. "The Greatest Love" started as the topic of conversation but failed to go through 20% every time. It rated its best on the 10th episode with 18.4%. However, it ended successfully with 21.0% at the last episode. "The Greatest Love" showed Dok Go-jin (Cha Seung-won) and Goo Ae-jeong (Kong Hyo-jin) living happily ever after with a child.

Gong Hyo Jin’s wedding dress in MBC’s romance comedy “The Greatest Love,” has also been receiving lots of attention since its last episode aired and it’s no wonder why. The dress is eye catching, with three dimensional details and sparkling jewels and Gong Hyo Jin looks really lovely in the gown matched with the headband.



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Actress Yoo In-na spoke about how she felt at the end of the drama. Yoo In-na was Kang Se-ri from the same idol group as Goo Ae-jeong in "The Greatest Love". She wrote on her fan café on the 22nd after her last shoot, "I'm strangely thirsty for acting right now".


Yoo In-na had played the cute and bright characters in MBC "High Kick Through The Roof", SBS "Secret Garden" and movie "My Black Mini Dress" but had gone through a change in this drama. Worried and concerned all throughout the drama because of her new character, she said, "I don't think I've ever been this concerned and sensitive before. That's why I think I'm more disappointed that its ending".

She continued, "I know I am not perfect but I am working on it. I've learnt a lot this time. I won't let this go to waste and show you improved acting". Meanwhile, Yoo In-na will take a break and prepare for her next project.

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