Saturday, June 11, 2011

Many Romantic Comedies But... No Viewer Guarantee


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"Lie to Me" drops in value because of over flood.

Romantic comedy is 'it' now. However, none of them have a high viewer rating.
SBS "Lie to Me" with Yoon Eun-hye and KBS 2TV "Babyfaced Beauty" are only in their beginning 10%'s. MBC "The Greatest Love" with Kong Hyo-jin rated 18.1% (according to AGB Nielsen Media Research) in the first week of June but KBS 2TV is still struggling in the beginning 10%.

Romantic comedies usually show a normal woman meeting a rich man and becoming Cinderella. "Cat on the Roof" (MBC 2003), "Lovers in Paris" (SBS 2004), "Full House" (KBS 2004) until "My Name is Kim Sam-soon" (MBC 2005). Romantic comedies have had a guaranteed viewer rate. The fact that women could watch them comfortably and be emotional was a stand out.

However, too many romantic comedies drop scarcity and ratings are not up to expectations. If we take a look at dramas that rated over 30% are MBC has "Queen Seon-deok" (33.9% MBC), SBS has "Temptation of Wife" (32.1%) and "Shining Inheritance" (31.5%), KBS has "Three Brothers" (33.3%), "The Slave Hunters" (30.3%), "Bread, Love and Dream" (36.7%), "Smile, Dong Hae" (30.7%) and more. Romantic comedies are not one among them.

KBS Executive producer Kwak Ki-won says, "It is true that there are too many romantic comedies to present freshness". However, productions prefer romantic comedies for the reason that they're economizing and easy to make with just a few leading characters. Executive Producer Kwak says, "We can't value romantic comedies for its low rate. However, if there isn't something new soon, we won't be able to guarantee viewers as well".

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