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Korean Drama - Lie To Me





Did anyone catch last night's premiere episode of "New Gisaeng Story" on Starhub Channel One? I did not catch the drama as i was busy watching "Dong Yi" on Channel U and will maybe watch its first episode online when i have the time. "Dong Yi" will be getting more and more exciting as she finally meets the King and goes back to the palace in a "different role" ;) fellow Dong Yi fans, do stay glue to the telly at 7pm weekdays so that you do not miss all the exciting stuff that will happen to Dong Yi :)






As mentioned in my post yesterday, 16 episodes SBS Korean drama "Lie To Me" starring one of my favorite actress Yoon Eun Hye (My Fair Lady, Coffee Prince) will be premiering tonight on Starhub Channel ONE 823 at 9.05pm every Wednesdays and Thursdays. The drama has been showing in Korea since 9 May 2011 and will end on 28 June 2011.



This is one drama that i will not miss as i have always enjoy watching Yoon Eun Hye's drama and acting. This is a light-hearted romance cum comedy drama which will be great for those who just wish to relax in front of the TV after a hard day at work. You can also watch it online at ( or (







Yoon Eun Hye stars as Gong Ah Jung, a level 5 Ministry of Culture officer, who is single and gets entangled in a web of lies when she mistakenly lies that she’s married to Hyun Ki Joon (Kang Ji Hwan), a hotel manager from an affluent family who does not even know of her existence!!! Ki Joon ended up hearing about his 'so call marriage' to Ah Jung and decided to track her down to find out her intentions for spreading false marriage rumor of him. In a strange twist of fate, they both ended up pretending that they are really getting married and lots of funny incidents starts to happen as they kept clashing with each other but also ended up being attracted to each other despite their different family backgrounds and status.











Their relationship is further complicated when Ki Joon’s ex-fiancée and a close friend of his brother’s, Oh Yoon Joo (Jo Yoon Hee), reappears in his life. Ah Jung steps back watching Yoon Joo and Ki Joon reunite but Ki Joon finds himself falling for Ah Jung instead.....Yoon Joo who Ki Joon had to part with 3 years ago still has feelings for him and wishes to reunite with him. As she finds out that the marriage between Ah Jung and Ki Joon is false she says thank you to Ah Jung for allowing them to meet again. Ah Jung steps back for the girl who had everything better than herself and is compatible with Ki Joon in every ways.






To forget Ki Joon, Ah Jung stands in front of a mirror with a pair of scissors and cut her hair. Telling herself it will be alright, she is so full of sadness and her heartache for him can be felt through her face. She cries hard under the cherry blossom tree she once shared a moment with Ki Joon and soothes her hurtful love. However, their love seems to have a possibility of firing up again even amidst the pain. When she is out on a blind date, Ki Joon sees this and becomes jealous. What will happen to Ki Joon who told Yoon Joon goodbye and Ah Jung who can't forget him?


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[Spoiler] "Lie To Me" Yoon Eun-hye "I like you" confession to Kang Ji-hwan(Updated 9 July 2011)

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Gong Ah-jeong cried heavy tears as she confessed her feelings to Hyeon Ki-joon (Kang Ji-hwan).
On the 10th episode of SBS drama "Lie to Me" on the 7th, Gong Ah-jeong confessed the truth to Hyeon Ki-joon.

Gong Ah-jeong had a blind date in Hyeon Ki-joon's hotel. Hyeon Ki-joon took her by the hand and took her out. He yelled at her, "Why do you keep showing up in front of me after you say it's the last? Excuses about work and a blind date, is this the last?"

Gong Ah-jeong replied, "I'm sorry I'm in your way but it's not intentional. Don't worry. I won't ever appear in front of you again" and she turned away saying, "Why did you have to hold my hand".
On her way, she got hit by a soccer ball and cried. Hyeon Ki-joon came close and asked if she was alright. Then she just spilled out tears as she spilled out the truth. "I like you. I said I like you. I like you so you don't like her".

She then asked of him, "If you like me, then like only me". Although he was happy at what she said, he couldn't make up his mind between Gong Ah-jeong and Oh Yoon-joo (Jo Yoon-hee) as he said, "I can't hurt someone innocent. That's all".


[Spoiler] "Lie To Me" Kang Ji-hwan leaves Jo Yoon-hee and goes to Yoon Eun-hye


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Hyeon Ki-joon (Kang Ji-hwan) ignored Oh Yoon-joo (Jo Yoon-hee). On the 12th episode of SBS drama "Lie to Me", Hyeon Ki-joon bade farewell to Oh Yoon-joo. He confirmed his love for Gong Ah-jeong (Yoon Eun-hye). Oh Yoon-joo was overwhelmed with shock. She got drunk and couldn't wake up the next day. She was taken to the hospital. However, Hyeon Ki-joon didn't go to the hospital. His heart was to Gong Ah-jeong.

To protect what they had, he confessed to his Chinese investor, Chairman Cheon, "The marriage with Gong Ah-jeong was fake". He wanted to start over his relationship with her and Chairman Cheon withdrew all the investments from Hyeon Ki-joon's World Hotel.

Oh Yoon-joo's father was a member of parliament. Chairman Hyeon Myeong-jin (Oh Mi-hee) persuaded Hyeon Ki-joon to start seeing Oh Yoon-joo again for the good of business. However, his heart was set enough to not even go see her at the hospital. Hyeon Myeong-jin tried setting up a meeting with Oh Yoon-joo and her family, but he didn't show up. He went to Gong Ah-jeong instead. They checked their love with a hug.


[Spoiler] "Lie To Me" Yoon Eun-hye saves Kang Ji-hwan - from 'harmful girl' to 'life saver'


Yoon Eun-hye showed her love for Kang Ji-hwan by saving him.

On the SBS TV "Lie to Me" Hyeon Ki-joon (Kang Ji-hwan) and Gong Ah-jeong's (Yoon Eun-hye) love is at risk. Gong Ah-jeong's lie about marriage had put Hyeon Ki-joon's rank in danger.

The members of World Hotel had reported to the media that Hyeon Ki-joon had lied to Chairmen Chen to buy his favor to advance into China by lying that he had married Gong Ah-jeong. This showed signs of the World Hotel at risk as well for Hyeon Ki-joon now looked like a shameless fellow. At the same time, he was in China and not available. Gong Ah-jeong showed tears at the fact that she was the reason for all this and that it might bring harm to Hyeon Ki-joon.

In the end, she decided to take the blame for everything to save him in danger. She resigned from her post and showed up at the press conference.

In front of the press waiting for Hyeon Ki-joon's statement, Gong Ah-jeong said, "Hyeon Ki-joon didn't lie. It was all me. All this happened because I said I married him". When she was asked about her identity she said, "I am Deputy Director Gong Ah-jeong from the office department" and gave up her career. She had decided she will take responsibility for everything for Hyeon Ki-joon who was getting misunderstood. Gong Ah-jeong who had been called the harmful girl at the start of the drama with her boldness and shamelessness, she was now a life saver.

Netizen's say, "This is where Gong Ah-jeong shows her love for Hyeon Ki-joon", "I wish their love becomes even more firm after this", "As much as they started off childishly, I hope this brings more solidity in their relationship" and more. What will happen through the press conference and how Hyeon Ki-joon will react to Gong Ah-jeong's decision is in question.


[Spoiler] "Lie To Me" Yoon Eun-hye is expelled, mixed results

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Hyeon Ki-joon (Kang Ji-hwan) was allowed to serve consecutive terms as head of the hotel and Gong Ah-jeong (Yoon Eun-hye) was expelled of her duties as a government worker. On the 14th episode of SBS drama "Lie to Me", Gong Ah-jeong spilled the beans. She told the press that the rumor of marriage was all her fault. She had become a con artist.

Hyeon Ki-joon held her hand on the streets and yelled, "I Hyeon Ki-joon loves Gong Ah-jeong!" and the people cheered, proving their love. Hyeon Ki-joon's company fell in stock. The company decided to expel him for this. But Chairman Cheon from China to whom Ki-joon put efforts into, declared investment. He had favored Hyeon Ki-joon and Gong Ah-jeong. Hyeon Ki-joon could keep his position.
However, Gong Ah-jeong had to go through the disciplinary committee. The illegal relationship with Hyeon Ki-joon had also become a problem.

Gong Ah-jeong attended a celebration party with Hyeon Ki-joon wearing a dress. Chairman Cheon welcomed her with his wife. The story was going on happily when Gong Ah-jeong heard the news of the expulsion on the phone. She fell while trying to excuse herself and she cried.


[Spoiler] "Lie To Me" boring ending






"Lie to Me" ended with Yoon Eun-hye deciding to 'all-in' on love. On the last episode of SBS drama "Lie to Me" Hyeon Ki-joon (Kang Ji-hwan) and Gong Ah-jeong (Yoon Eun-hye) decided to get married and ended in a happy ending.

Previously, Gong Ah-jeong had to listen to Chairman Hyeon talk about the things she would need to be to marry Hyeon Ki-joon. To be his woman, she had to attend the gathering of ambassadors from all over more than 10 times a year, speak 5 languages, master all sorts of cultural books and learn horseback riding and golf, as well as quit her job.

Also, because of the public that only saw her as a "Cinderella", Gong Ah-jeong thought to herself "I need to find something I lost" and spent time with Hyeon Ki-joon and was dispatched to Jejudo.
Working in the exhibition department at a museum in Jejudo a month later, Hyeon Ki-joon found her again and proposed the second time. He didn't even ask for an answer.

However, Gong Ah-jeong made the mistake of losing one of the artifact and couldn't make it to the promised location. Chairman Hyeon got really mad at Gong Ah-jeong for not keeping he promise. She told Hyeon Ki-joon "I've been stood up and you've been rejected, she not even basically educated".
Hyeon Ki-joon misunderstands Gong Ah-jeong.

At the same time, she finds the artifact she thought she had lost and cried tears. The museum director throws out, "There was something else you needed to find and not the artifact". Gong Ah-jeong said, "I realized how amazing and miraculous it is to be living in one generation" and decided to get married with Hyeon Ki-joon.

They met at a beachside and told each other, "Sorry I kept you waiting", "I love you more", "I don't want to spend another day apart from you" and ended in happiness.

Until here is drama or even the happy ending of a fairytale. However, viewers don't understand what it is that she had lost. Those who have seen the drama say, "What is that something she lost?", "Even if they did decide to get married, it doesn't make a difference from the time before she left for Jejudo", "Chairman Hyeon is even more angry but it just ended like this" and more.

The 'happy ending' is not quite clear. Wasn't this the drama that declared it will differentiate itself from other romantic dramas and characters? The reaction for the simple happy ending is like Coca-Cola without the gas unlike the 'cola kiss' the two shared once and created an issue.




LadyJan: Actually i have enjoyed watching the drama and finds it really romantic ;) it was really sweet and cute how Ki-joon ended up doing stuff that he would normally not have done just to chase after Ah-jeong. I do not find the drama boring at all contrary to the article above although i do find the ending quite abrupt and did not answer all the questions like Ki-joon's aunt's expectation of Ah-jeong being his wife and Ah-jeong's fear of being just "Cinderella" in the eyes of the public and losing her own self which was why she told Ki-joon's aunt that she wish to continue working even if she gets married. But i guess it might turn out to be very draggy addressing everything. Maybe the writer could have find a more straightforward way of resolving everything to make things easier for the viewers?


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It was also very strange how Ah-jeong refused to marry Ki-joon as she was stressed and unhappy with his aunt's expectation of her and how the problems were resolved all of a sudden in the final episode and she suddenly finds whatever she felt was missing and decides to accept Ki-joon's proposal. I can only interpret that as she felt something was missing in her relationship with Ki-joon and she thought by putting some distance between them (moving to Jeju for work) she could be able to figure out whatever it was that was missing. The incident where she could not find the missing exhibit item and that it was actually in the museum all the while helps her to put things into perspective and proves to her that whatever she was searching regarding her relationship with Ki-joon could also be found by just staying together and she just have to treasure what she has now with him and not go looking elsewhere :) Hope i have not made fellow fans of the drama even more confused by my own interpretations of the endings ;)


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