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Korean Drama "The Greatest Love" Ending In Korea This Week


The Hong Sisters have done it again! Every time a drama i enjoys watching ends, it will feel as if it is the best drama i have watched and i will not expect another new drama to top the success of the current drama but another new Hong Sisters drama will get my attention not long after and most of the time it will turn out even better than the previous drama :) That is why Korean dramas are so popular around the world and the top search for my blog is also related to Korean dramas as they have consistently come up with interesting and unique plots to attract the attention of viewers.

After watching wonderful dramas like "You're Beautiful", "My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho", "Secret Garden", "49 Days" recently, i did not expect to find even more interesting dramas like the drama i'm currently watching "The Greatest Love" which is ending in Korea this week and "City Hunter" which has also captured my attention. I was watching episodes 12, 13 and 14 of "The Greatest Love" this 2 nights and really touched by Dokko Jin's love for Gu Ae Jeong and you can only find such bittersweet love in Korean drama! He is even willing to use the news of his heart surgery to help cover the bad reports of Ae Jeong even though he would have to be pestered and stressed by reporters before his surgery. Ae Jeong on the other hand refused to use him to improve her image out of love for him.




One moment i feel so sad for them and another moment the Hong Sisters will add some funny elements to make you laugh like crazy. The scene in episode 12 where Dokko Jin's manager Jae Seok appeared drunk and started feeling Dokko Jin all over to the shocked of both Dokko Jin and Ae Jeong makes me laugh non-stop!!




I also love the song "I Can't Drink" by Baek Ji-young which was featured in episode 13. You can listen to it below:

I also love the kid that played Ae Jeong's nephew. He is so cute and it was really sweet seeing him and Dokko Jin becoming real pal and it was so touching when he retrieved the track shoes that Ae Jeong forced herself to throw away that was given by Dokko Jin. He understands her pain and love for Dokko Jin and even wash the shoes for her after bringing it home!





I can't wait for the final 2 episodes to be available soon online and i really hope that my beloved Dokko Jin will end up together with Ae Jeong and i'm sure that is what all fans of the drama want :) I have included 2 articles below that i found online regarding the ending of the drama to share with fellow fans of the drama.




[Spoiler] "The Greatest Love" Cha Seung-won leaves a message with Choi Hwa-jeong before surgery


Dok Go-jin left a will to chairwoman Moon before his surgery.

MBC TV drama "The Greatest Love" on the 16th showed Dok Go-jin (Cha Seung-won) on the surgery bed between life and death.

He took care of Goo Ae-jeong until the end. He printed the story of his heart surgery to media and settled Goo Ae-jeong's rumor and asked for Moon's help in protecting Goo Ae-jeong who would be left alone to deal with the rumors if he was to die.

Dok Go-jin's manager Kim Jae-seok (Lim Ji-gyoo) passed on a small envelope to chairwoman Moon. In it was a CD saying "TO Goo Ae-jeong" and a picture of him kissing her.

When Kim Jae-seok tells her, "He wanted this to protect Goo Ae-jeong in case something goes wrong", Moon understands that to be that he wanted Goo Ae-jeong to become the greatest lover.

Those who have seen this episode say, "What's in the CD? I trust the Hong sister's endings but I'm not sure", "The CD and picture is a will. I hope he doesn't die", "I wish the CD was watched together and not Goo Ae-jeong alone, please say he's teasing everyone", "The drama is called "The Greatest Love" because Goo Ae-jeong saves him. I trust the Hong sisters" and more.

[Spoiler] "The Greatest Love" Cha Seung-won's heart surgery? Spoiler revealed


The result of Cha Seung-won's heart surgery was revealed by the production.

According to the preview of the 15th episode of MBC "The Greatest Love", Dok Go-jin (Cha Seung-won) transforms into an even more special person after having taken rest from somewhere overseas. His surgery had succeeded and he had become even more popular.

On the previous 14th episode, Cha Seung-won underwent surgery faster than expected. Only having a 10% survival rate, Dok Go-jin waited for Goo Ae-jeong but she only arrived later as she was on air.

Not being able to see Dok Go-jin who was in surgery, Goo Ae-jeong just cried outside and sang "Heart Beat" by the National Girls.

According to the preview, Dok Go-jin becomes an even greater man as the 'man of miracles' and reunites with Goo Ae-jeong as well as 'Ding Dong' Hyeong-kyu (Yang Han-yeol).

Those who have seen the preview spoiler say, "The upgraded Dok Go-jin looks fun", "Thank God he's alive", "I wish Goo Ae-jeong isn't worried", "He is the man or miracles", "So proudly spoiler revealed" and more.


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