Sunday, June 8, 2014

Review Of Kidsme Multi-function Food Scissors

Check out my recent online purchase which i highly recommends for fellow mummies whose children are starting on solids :) I bought the Kidsme Food Scissors online for my boy at Totsworld and i like that i can use it to cut, mash and pick up food which is really convenient for busy mummies like me. The Kidsme Food Scissors feature stainless steel cutlery-grade blades that allow us to safely, easily and efficiently cut our children's food into small pieces.

My boy loves to eat noodles and spaghetti nowadays and i was looking for a good quality food scissors that i can use to cut his food into smaller pieces to make it easier and safer to feed him or for him to feed himself ;) Even choking hazards like meat or fruits can be mashed into safe bite-sized pieces using the Kidsme Food Scissors. 

My dear baby J all ready for his mealtime. He is also a foodie like his mummy ;)

The Kidsme Food Scissors retails for only S$16.90 and i was really satisfied with my purchase which i received within 2 days using normal mail.  I told my best friend about my latest find and she also bought it for her baby who has started on solid food recently. Hope this post will be useful for fellow mummies with kids starting on solid food. Happy shopping ;)

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