Monday, June 16, 2014

Korean Drama Medical Top Team OST - Can You Feel It (Melody Day)

If you love watching Korean medical dramas like "Brain", i highly recommend this 2013 Korean medical drama "Medical Top Team" which i have been watching recently online. It is a fast paced and exciting drama which will keep you hooked to every episodes. I also find the pairing of Joo Ji Hoon and Jung Ryeo Won refreshing and likes Jung Ryeo Won's character in the show. She was not all goody two shoes like the typical drama heroine and has her ambitious and selfish sides too which i like...Girl Power rocks hehe ;) Read on to find out more about the drama.

Kwanghyhe University Hospital has many weaknesses. Like in every other hospital, patients suffer from their ailments, and often unnecessarily, die at the hands of their physicians. But Kwanghye has one strength. When there's no hope left, when all the options have run out, when it seems like the end for the sick and dying, they call in their Top Team; a group of resident doctors, each at the peak of their respective fields. With this dream team, no patient is too sick, no illness too incurable, no surgery too complicated, no recovery too impossible. On the outside, they are the best the modern world of medicine has to offer- brilliant young men and women who genuinely care for the sick.

But everything is never as it seems. On the inside of this league of medical geniuses, there is a power struggle brewing. When misunderstandings occur and cracks appear in the very foundations of what holds them together, will they stand united, their principles and consciences intact? Or will they take the fall, choosing fame and ambition over what was once so simple-saving lives? Delve into this world of intellectuals and prodigies, see what makes them tick and witness how in the end, it all comes down to sheer willpower to survive in the world of medicine. 

I also love its OST "Can You Feel It" featured in the drama and do check out its MV below :)


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