Friday, June 20, 2014

Happiness is...

being able to spend precious time with my dear boy who seems to be growing up really quickly recently. He can play on his own for longer period of time although i must be in the same room with him. I can sneak out sometimes to do some chores when he is very engrossed in his toys or watching his favorite Hi5 on Disney Junior at times. He is still very attached to me and will cry or try to follow me when i step out from the room and i hope it will ease soon when he starts Playgroup end of the year. I have finally registered him and plans to let him start school when he is around 19-20 months old so that he can still be with me the whole day for a longer time hehe :) I admit that i'm a helicopter mum and have started to worry if he will be bullied by the other kids and hubby has been advising me to learn to let go at times.

Shopping at Sembawang Shopping Centre

Bubble fun at the playground

Developments wise, my dear boy can now better express himself and has started to be quite demanding at times and gets upset if we do not let him try the food we are eating. He is a late walker and has only started to walk a few steps on his own this month but he loves to walk while holding on to my fingers. He loves to talk and has been babbling a lot and is able to say ball, meow and hello. He has started to be more playful and loves having visitors to our house. He enjoys all the attention and has a fun time playing with my mum, cousin and aunt. I'm really thankful that he is a foodie like me and loves all his meals that i prepare for him including meals from Petit Bowl and prays hard that he will continue to enjoy his meals and is eager to try new food. He loves to go out nowadays and i can finally spend more time shopping and dinning outside hehe ;) Life as a SAHM is starting to get really exciting :)

 Happy boy eating his favorite hotcakes and scrambled egg at Mcdonalds with my cousin and me

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