Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lots Of Late Nights Spend Watching Euro 2012 :)

This is the start of 1 whole month of staying up late to catch my favorite Euro 2012 soccer matches and lots of midnight snacking to stay awake :) I enjoyed watching Euro 2008 and Spain did really well that year and deserves to be the winner and hopefully they will retain the title this year too!  I had a great time watching the first match last night - Poland vs Greece and it was one filled with lot of drama as a Greece player was sent off before half time and Poland was leading with a goal. The Polish Goalkeeper ended up being sent off too and penalty awarded to Greece in the second half. The substitute Keeper saved the day by saving the penalty shot from Greece and becoming the hero of the night and the match ended in a draw.


Wow that is why i love watching football matches and even hubby who is not really a soccer fan ended up being hooked to the game and watching it together with me. I can't wait for tonight's big match between Portugal and Germany at 2.15am and seeing my favorite soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo in action!!



Who are you rooting for to reach the finals? I'm rooting for Spain and Germany to reach the final and hopefully Portugal will reach the Semi-finals so that i can see more of Ronaldo in action ;) 


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