Sunday, June 17, 2012

Review Of Sexy Look Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting Mask


I recently received the popular Sexy Look Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting Masks which contain exquisite ingredients like white truffles and black pearl and the Love More White Crystal & Platinium Peptide Whitening Duo Lifting Masks for review by Secretive.


I was delighted to receive the masks as my skin has been suffering from all the late nights i stayed up to catch the Euro 2012 matches and i was planning to apply hydrating and whitening masks more regularly to give my poor skin some additional pampering. Hopefully my skin will improve with more masking time and beauty naps taken before the matches :) It was a pleasant experience trying both masks and this review would focus on the Sexy Look mask. Do look out for my subsequent post next week on the Love More mask :)  



The Sexy Look Mask comes in a box of 5 and cost S$8.80/- which makes using a mask regularly really affordable. You can purchase the masks at Watsons or online at Secretive


For those who are not familiar with the brand, Sexy Look is the No.1 best selling 3D mask with 360˚ Lifting Effect in Taiwan and made in Taiwan. It has been featured in popular beauty show 女人我最大. This whitening cum lifting mask is endorsed by Taiwanese singer Aisa Senda from "Da Mouth". It contains ingredients like black pearl, white truffles, aloe vera, cucumber and barley extract, which helps to fight against yellowish and uneven skin tone. It also helps to soothe and moisturize skin while tackling skin dullness to reveal the bright and fair complexion you long for!

Black Pearl main

Sexy Look Black Pearl Zencart

I prefer to put on a mask before bedtime and i love relaxing on my bed while listening to the radio and doing some light reading. I find it difficult to stay still and do nothing while applying a mask and i love how the ear hooks help the mask to stay in place firmly so that i can do some light household chores if needed although my favorite activity is to read a nice book or catch up on the latest beauty and fashion news from my favorite Cosmopolitan magazine.


I'm really glad to have tried the mask as it really helps to moisturize and soothe my tired looking skin. I also finds it really value for money as you only need to spend less than S$2 for such a good quality mask. The mask is lightly scented and filled with essence when i opened it. I love the texture of the mask and that it does not tear easily when i tried to stretch it quite abit to fit my face (which is not really small heehee). I was most impressed with the ear hooks which not only ensures the mask stays in place but seems to be firming and tightening my face during the 20 minutes of masking time. There is also an extra flap to cover the below chin area and it helps in firming and moisturizing the area which is often neglected when we are applying a mask.  My skin does not feel sticky after removing the mask and the essence gets absorbed into the skin really fast with some light patting. I would definitely repurchase this mask again and recommend it to my friends.



Do give the mask a try and also visit Sexy Look’s Facebook Page and’s Facebook Page for the latest news and exclusive promotions.


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