Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Love Watching Korean Drama "A Gentleman's Dignity" & Listening To Its Lovely Soundtracks :)

"A Gentleman's Dignity" which i blogged about recently is a really entertaining and enjoyable drama and those who have not watched it yet should definitely try out an episode and i guarantee that you will be hooked to the drama ;) Episode 5 is my most favorite episodes so far as it was so funny that hubby and i could not help laughing non-stop! I love the part where the 4 pals were discussing about their favorite Girl's Generation member and the setting and their serious look mislead us into thinking they were discussing some important world affairs hahaha

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Another scene was the "coffee bikini scene" and i'm really impressed with Jang Dong Gun's portrayal of his character Do Jin in that scene. His behavior really reminds me of Mr Bean whenever he got into some trouble and tried hard to get out of it using some irrational and funny ways! It was so funny how he tried to hide from Yi Soo that he was secretly looking at her bikini picture by splashing coffee on Yi Soo's laptop and hoping the dark coffee color would cover the picture and she would not be able to tell *faintz*

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I also really enjoys listening to the drama's cheerful soundtracks and has been playing the songs on my iMac while i'm typing this. Hopefully listening to it below will also help to brighten up your day ;)

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FoodieFC said...

haha tts funny spill coffee on laptop to block the picture lol.