Monday, December 12, 2011

No Sequels For ‘Kaiseifu no Mita’, Says Scriptwriter


I have enjoyed watching Nanoko's latest drama "Kaseifu no Mita which is currently showing in Japan and getting good ratings every week. The below news i found online might be abit disappointing to fellow fans of the drama who are looking forward to a sequel as expected of popular Japanese drama ;)





NTV’s Wednesday drama, ‘Kaseifu no Mita‘, is one the most successful dramas of recent years and consequently, many  were expecting to see the much-beloved housekeeper in action beyond this season.
However, scriptwriter Yukawa Kazuhiko announced that there will not be a continuation in any kind of form. Rather, he wants to bring the story to a perfect and satisfying finish within its course of ten episodes.
Yukawa commented, “I wanted to picture the rebirth of this one woman. Everything else, how she’s going to live after that, I’d like to leave it to the imagination of the viewers. I want to put all of my effort into the remaining three episodes.
NTV stated, “This drama has been well-received by all age groups. Episode 9, 10 and the final episode are going to have an extended airtime. Moreover, we just decided to air a big special at 9:00 PM before the final episode, in order to get everyone immersed into the world of Mita. Please look forward to December 21st.
The said special is supposed to offer viewers a short digest of the past events, as well as various footage from behind the scenes.
Episode 9 of “Kaseifu no Mita” has just aired on December 7th. This episode recorded a rating of 27.6%, which is a loss of 2.0% compared to the previous episode.

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