Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Love Christmas Shopping With My Best Friends :)

One of my best friends wanted a change of wardrobe and me and another friend accompanied her shopping this week and all of us ended up buying some lovely clothes for Christmas and Chinese New Year next month :) we had a fun time trying out various styles of clothes that we normally would not buy and giving each other feedback on how it looks and i guess it will be awhile before we will need to shop for more clothes hehe ;) I guess it is time i clear out some of the clothes that i have kept in my storeroom for a long time as i have 'outgrown' them. It will be too wasteful to just throw away and i plan to pass it on to people who will wear them as some are still new. Will have to spring clean my home soon to welcome the new year. I have posted pictures of some of my purchases below to share with readers of my blog:

Photo 22-12-11 10 11 01 AM

Photo 22-12-11 10 15 26 AM

Photo 22-12-11 10 13 32 AM

Photo 22-12-11 10 12 15 AM

Photo 22-12-11 10 08 09 AM
Bought this beautiful dress and sweet top for a dear friend's daughter. Hopefully she will love it :)

Photo 22-12-11 10 06 39 AM

Tea time @ Delifrance to de-stress and relax after all the shoppings ;) (for those who have been following popular Japanese drama "Nazotoki Wa Dinner No Ato De", this reminds me of the butler character Kageyama in the show who always stressed on the importance of him enjoying a relaxing and peaceful tea time to the annoyance of his employer Reiko hehe)

Could not resist getting hubby to take a picture of me in my new clothes with my lovely Christmas tree :) Merry Christmas and hope everyone have completed your Christmas shoppings!

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