Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In Love With Gossip Girl Season 4

I just watched episode 1 of this highly anticipated and popular drama "Gossip Girl Season 4" and loves it!!! I can't wait for more and it will be interesting seeing S & B at the same college when they return to New York after their adventures in Paris. I can't believe Georgina's baby is really Dan's although he looks so adorable and has a cute name Milo :> I really hope Chuck & B will get back together as they are my favorite couple in the show and it is always a joy seeing them together. Gossip Girl 4 ROCKS!!!


Found this interesting article online at (
which contains a detailed summary of episode 1 to share with fellow GG fans:

Bonjour, Upper East Siders! Summer is over, and you know what that means—it’s time for another season of The CW’s addictive soap.

The last time we saw the “Gossip Girl” gang, everything was going topsy-turvy. Chuck and Blair broke up, then made up, then broke up again after she found out that he had (ew!) slept with Jenny Humphrey. Former power couple Dan and Serena spent the night together, prompting her to break things off with Nate.

Then much of the cast left New York City behind for the summer. Jenny went to live with her mother, where we can only hope she stays for a good, long time. S and B jetted off to Paris. Lonely Chuck went to Prague and promptly got shot. Dan, though, stayed behind in Brooklyn—and was confronted by an incredibly pregnant Georgina, who claimed that he was the father of her baby.

Let’s begin with that plotline. Georgina apparently had the baby in July and has been living with Dan ever since. At the top of the episode, we learn that while Nate knows about the kid—his name is Milo—Dan has managed somehow to keep his paternity a secret from everyone else he knows.

When Vanessa arrives at his doorstep, fresh from her ridiculously implausible summer internship with CNN, she learns about Georgina and Milo and is immediately suspicious: “We’re talking about Georgina Sparks! Her hair lies!” Dan tells her that they haven’t done a paternity test on the baby yet, since it couldn’t be done during G’s third trimester and they still haven’t gotten around to it. He hasn’t signed the baby’s birth certificate, though.
He’s right to be suspicious, since Georgie is definitely up to something. We see her speaking furtively—and half in Russian—to someone on the phone, telling him that she “needs a little more time.” The man on the other end tells her she’s only got one day left. Mysterious!

The next day, Georgina crashes an event at Lily’s house with the baby in tow and spills the beans to Dan’s father and stepmother. Rufus, too, thinks that they have to do a paternity test—but when he says this, Georgina reaches into her bag and pulls out a document, saying that she got the test done herself. According to the resulting piece of paper, Dan is in fact Milo’s father.

At first, Rufus thinks they should dismiss those results and do another test. (Yes! That would be the intelligent thing to do!) After having a heart-to-heart with his son, though, Rufus easily gives up on that idea—and Dan signs the birth certificate. The next day, Georgina leaves the Humphrey loft, first writing on a Post-It that she’s going to the spa. Considering she takes a bunch of luggage and a passport with her, it’s safe to assume that she’s actually got other plans. She leaves an oblivious Dan with baby Milo.

There’s also plenty of drama in gay Paris. Though Serena and Blair have been having a fabulous trip, Blair’s feeling mopey because Serena has been attracting a lot more male attention. Things seem to turn around for the fine-featured brunette when she meets a fellow Manet-lover in the Musee D’orsay. His name is Louis, and he’d love to take her to dinner.
Before their conversation can continue, a man comes to Louis and says something about “Monsieur Grimaldi.” Blair’s interest is immediately piqued—she thinks this means that he must be a member of Monaco’s royal family. Excitedly, she tells Serena the good news and asks her BFF to come along to dinner with Louis, since he’s going to be bringing along a friend.

But when Louis and his buddy, Jean-Michel show up, Blair is crushed to hear that J-M is the real royal: Louis, apparently, is just his chauffeur. She sulks through dinner while Serena charms both men. Things get even worse when Blair gets a call from her mother, who tells her that Serena’s not going to Brown next year as scheduled—she, like Blair, will instead be going to Columbia.

The news is too much for Blair to take. She storms away and, after Serena finds her, tells her best friend that all she wants is to be in an environment where she won’t constantly be in Serena’s shadow. Serena tries to make nice, then tells Blair that they should worry about this later—for now, they should enjoy the company of the two handsome Frenchmen waiting inside for them. B tells S that she’s going to go inside, but that she doesn’t want Serena to follow. She’ll make up some excuse for Serena’s absence—like, say, that S fell into the fountain behind them.

“Seriously? No one’s gonna believe that,” says Serena with pity. “Wanna bet?” asks Blair, before pushing Serena into the water.

A sopping Serena goes into the restaurant and tells Blair she’ll see her in New York, then asks Jean-Michel to walk her home. Louis is excited to have Blair all to himself, but she’s only got eyes for the royal. Then Louis drops le bomb: He’s actually the Grimaldi, and Jean-Michel is his driver. He was lying in order to gauge whether Blair was interested in him for anything more than his title. Clearly, she failed the test.

Chastened, Blair heads back to the hotel to make up with Serena. “I don’t care about dating a prince,” she says, almost believably. “I don’t care about dating anyone. I just care about you. I really need my friend right now.” Because she’s a sucker, Serena accepts the apology and even allows Blair to send Gossip Girl a tip about how both queen bees will be attending Columbia that fall.

As for the other Gossip Boys—Nate has been partying a bit too hard all summer, calling girls from Chuck’s little black book. He seems read to give up the life of a crazed bachelor after meeting the intriguing Juliet. They go out for coffee. Before their date, though, we get a glimpse at Juliet’s apartment—it’s is dominated by a huge bulletin board that’s filled with newspaper clippings and other stories about every member of the show’s cast. Her computer is also open, and we can see that she’s on Gossip Girl’s website. Hmm… has GG herself finally been unmasked?

Chuck, meanwhile, is dead. Just kidding! Lily thinks he is because she receives a call from France, saying that a body with Chuck’s ID washed up in Paris. The real Chuck, however, has spent the summer with the European blond girl who rescued him after he was shot in Prague. He’s also assumed a new identity: Henry Prince, inspired by a copy of “Henry V” he saw lying on the girl’s floor when she asked him what his name was.

Now the two of them have arrived in Paris, where they’ll undoubtedly bump into B and S next episode. We can’t wait to see the sparks fly. Until then, XOXO!

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I'm excited the next episode of Gossip Girl Season 4 titled "It Girl Happened One Night" I think Dan and Blair have shown to have a better chemistry now. Love Serena with Ben hope they don't ruin it and, Nate should be with Juliet. Entertainment Bay