Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Petit Bowl Best Monthly Deal For My Boy

My little guy was so happy seeing a huge pack of his favorite Petit Bowl meals delivered to our house during the weekends. We decided to order Petit Bowl's best monthly deal pack as our boy has started to get bored of eating homed cooked porridge and prefers more chunkier food like rice and pasta dishes from Petit Bowl which he has been eating 2-3 days a week. I noticed that he enjoys eating Petit Bowl meals more than the porridge i cook for him. Since i'm not really a good cook and we are able to save $66 from this promo deal which consists of 56 pots of delicious, nutritious and yummylicious toddler meals and comes with free delivery, we decided to order the pack for him. Its also really convenient for me to feed him on the go when we are out as my boy now loves to go out a lot :)

My little guy signaling to his mummy that he is ready to eat his favorite Petit Bowl meals :)

I'm glad that we bought a large 2-door Samsung fridge when we shifted to our current place so that we have sufficient space to store our little guy's food

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