Thursday, March 14, 2013

Introducing My New Canon Selphy CP900 Pink Photo Printer

It was love at first sight when i saw the print advertisement for the Canon photo printer while reading My Paper last week :) I love its sweet pink color and that i'm able to print pictures directly via Wi-Fi from my iPhone 4 and iPad without having to use my computer. I always find it a hassle printing pictures using my old Canon photo printer and having to link it to my computer using USB cable. I have been looking for a new printer since my old one died on me last year. I bought the new CP900 on Monday while out shopping with my mum  at Bishan Junction 8 and was lucky to get the last set as the pink color printer is really popular. 

Photo 12-3-13 4 36 05 PM

It retails for S$199 and i was hoping that it would come with a box of free photo paper like the promotion i received when i purchased my old printer but too bad there is no such promo currently but i'm still really satisfied with my purchase :)

Photo 12-3-13 1 03 16 PM

Anyway i have tried printing some pictures and love that its so easy to set up and printing from my iPhone 4 was a breeze :) I'm looking forward to taking lot of pictures of my baby boy who is due anytime hehe and enjoying the convenience and privacy of printing the pictures at the comfort of my own home. 

Photo 12-3-13 7 49 37 PM

For those interested in getting the CP900 too, read on for more information about the product.

More information about the CP900

With built in Wi-Fi capability, the compact Selphy CP900 can connect wirelessly to iOS and Android devices, allowing users to print images taken with their smartphones and tablets conveniently anytime and anywhere. iPhone/iPad and Android users can print photos via Canon's EasyPhotoPrint app via a wireless access point. Compared to its predecessor, the Selphy CP800, the CP900 is 12% thinner and 14 lighter and boosts a quicker response time, processing images 3.3 times faster. There is also increased flexibility to print irregular-sized photos.

The printer has 3 new optimisation scenes, Cloudy, Blue Sky and Sunset, automatically and intelligently analyses and corrects images - correcting their brightness, contrast and reduces noise before printing - ensuring stunning and impressive images every time. Users will be able to preview these creations with the newly introduced high-resolution 2.7" LCD Display with a wide viewing angle.

Additionally you can also print postcard size and ID photos of up to 28 different sizes (ICAO standard) with cropping. To maximise cost-efficiency, the CP900 is able to print ID photos of up to 2 different people on a single sheet of paper. Photos fading will never be a worry as images printed with the CP900 are protected by a durable protective print over-coating which helps preserve these precious memories for up to 100 years if kept in a photo album.

The printer comes in 3 colors - pink, white and black and is available at authorized Canon dealers. Check it out today :)



Shirley Tay said...

OMG, it's so damn cute! I love pink too! Hahaha!

I'm back from reviewing hotels in Penang. That place is scorching hot!

Pardon me if I'm slow in going thru your posts the next few weeks as I'll be tied up with my reviews; but I'll be back to catch up. Thks for coming by during my absence! xoxo

Janice said...

THanks for visiting Shirley :) can't wait to check out your Penang hotels reviews. Was thinking of organizing a family trip there later part of the year and sure it would come in handy. Hopefully you will also be posting pictures of the delicious meals there.

Shirley Tay said...

1st post is out! All meals were also covered by the 2 hotels & I'll be posting my reviews too. But seriously, food is a bit oily there :<

shiawase event said...

I got one on mothets day. Black colour set. I slso got myself a DC black volour. But I am uding note book 2 smartphone. Still trying very hard to print via wi fi. I loved this printet. The effect of the photos colour is ecxellent. Worth to have one. I got it in north point. You should have one too

Shelley Dade said...

Cute printer, Janice! Apart from its looks, I'm happy to find out that you're happy with the print quality. I'm picky when it comes to printing photos because some printers don't dispense ink well to match the original photo, but after reading this, I'm considering getting a CP900 of my own. Thanks for sharing!

Janice said...

Thanks for the comment and i'm always happy to share a good product i discovered with readers of my blog :)