Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Introducing My Favorite Drugstore Brand Body Lotion - Vaseline

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Vaseline Aloe Fresh and Total Moisture body lotion are my top favorite drugstore brands body lotion and i have been using them daily for quite sometime. For times when i feel like splurging and pampering my skin even more, i would go for body lotion from brands like Ahava, L'OCCITANE and Crabtree & Evelyn. I would share more about some of my favorite products from these brands in a separate post in the future. 

I have been sticking to Vaseline body lotion as i find that it works well for my skin and i like its lovely light scent and that it leaves my skin feeling soft and well moisturized without the sticky and greasy uncomfortable feeling that some body lotion gives me. 

For those who prefers body lotion with a light texture that gives you a refreshing feel, i highly recommends the Aloe Fresh body lotion and those who prefers something more moisturizing can try out the Total Moisture body lotion. I enjoy using both types of body lotion and finds that it absorbs easily into my damp skin when i apply them immediately after showering at the end of the day. I have been using my Vaseline body lotion on alternate days with my Clarins Stretch Mark Oil since i'm pregnant and it has worked well for my skin and helps it to stay well hydrated and stretch mark free :) Even when my tummy has been getting bigger, my skin does not get itchy and irritated like some pregnant mums experienced which i'm really thankful for.

Here is a tip for when is the best time to apply body lotion which i found online to share with everyone:

Apply lotion at the best time, which is right after you get out of a shower or bath because this is when your skin retains the most moisture. Your pores will remain open from the warm water for a few minutes. Instead of running your towel over your skin, press it lightly onto your skin leaving a little bit of water.

Apply your body lotion. Place a generous amount in your hands, rub them together and gently apply over every surface of your skin from your toes on up to your neck. Rub the lotion in until it is evenly distributed and you cannot feel much of its moisture anymore (by this time, the moisture should be absorbed into your pores instead of on your hands). Repeat as necessary.

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