Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Guest Post By My Cousin - Review Of Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack

My cousin CK also has a blog where she shares her experience trying out the latest beauty products and i love sharing latest news of my favorite beauty products and recommending products that works for me to her too since we share the same interest. She has kindly agree to share her review of this latest product by our favorite Korean beauty brand - Laneige as a guest post here on my blog.

Do check out more of her product reviews at her lovely blog "Get Pretty With Me" and read on for her review of Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack which i'm definitely going to get after reading her review. I'm already regretting not asking her to help me get one during her trip to Korea last year as it is much cheaper there. She helped me to purchase 2 boxes of Laneige White Plus Renew Purifying mask and i'm going to start using it soon after i finish the Shiseido Purifying mask i'm using. Would do a review of the mask soon if i have the time. 

For those who are going to Korea soon, do include Laneige products in your shopping list ;) Think it cost 30-40% less than in Singapore. Now for my cousin's review...

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CK: I bought this product when I was in Seoul last year but have not got into using it until recently. Feeling that my face is getting drier than before, I decided to 'up' my skin care routine. I have a carton full of skin care products (wrinkle plump, sleeping mask, micro peel etc) all from Seoul and decided it's time they see daylight.

I started to use mask every night (mud mask for deep cleansing, hydration for keeping the face supple and whitening mask for a bright effect) and begin to see improvement after a week. One of my favorites among them is the Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack.


The mask is made from memory form gel which restores skin's firmness while one sleeps. Its formula helps for a supple and resilient pack that hydrates the skin and works as a filler. I am not sure if it really 'lifts' my skin (anyway i never believe in the 'firming' wonders in a jar of cream), the reason I bought it is because I want the sleeping water pack ( hydration is priority and it does work!) and this one was new then and it consists of hydration as well so why not! And guess what? My face is sooooooooo supple after I use it daily for a week! The hydration is definitely there!

I can also tell the difference every morning. The skin do not feel dry and when i pat my face, it actually felt 'boink boink' !! Yes, my face is literally bouncy!


Usage is simple. After you do your usual skin-care routine at night, all you need to do is just to spread this over your face lightly. Your face will feel sticky for the first 30 seconds but after it settles, it will be all good. I feel that everyone should use a sleeping mask. It gives you the extra moisture and hydration that serum and moisturziers are missing and it actually 'pumps' extra effects into your skin.

I am a lazy skin care user so I don't normally follow the 'self massage' step or the 'leave it for 30seconds to feel the scent of the product before you spread it over your face' instructions. Unless I'm using a face massage cream else the lesser I stretch the face the better that's how i feel.

This product is also wonderful as it works wonders on your neck. Try it and I'm very sure you'll go back for more.


You can also find my cousin's review of this product at: (http://getprettywithme.blogspot.sg/2013/02/laneige-firming-sleeping-pack.html).

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