Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cooking Taro Rice With Happy Call Pan

This video recipe posted by Happy Call Yummies which i found from Youtube is really tempting me to get a Happy Call Pan too as it seems so easy and convenient cooking with a Happy Call Pan ;) I also found a lot of recipes using Happy Call Pan online and hope to try it out.  I have friends who seldom cook but have been cooking regularly since they bought their pan online from Korea. If you are also using the Happy Call Pan, do share if food really taste much better cooking with the pan compared to normal frying pan? 



Miaka said...

it is really much more convenient and the food is also more moist than using normal frying pan.

Janice said...

I just saw Happy Call Pan on sales at Courts Woodlands yesterday and it cost S$79. So tempted to get it there than buy online :)