Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lovely Makeover Session @ Shiseido Metro Causeway Point :)

I went for my belated birthday makeover at Shiseido Metro Causeway Point yesterday before meeting my family for lunch there. The beauty consultant who did my makeover was really nice and helpful and i had purchased some products recently at the Metro's Sales from her and she had promised to do my makeover for me yesterday :)

Photo 20-1-12 3 21 16 PM
Took a picture halfway through my makeover :)

Photo 20-1-12 3 20 19 PM
Makeover done and picture taken during lunch

Photo 21-1-12 1 30 04 AM
Picture taken when home. I'm really satisfied with the makeover and could not resist taking a picture with my lovely Yam Paste Triple Layer Chiffon Cake from Pine Garden :)

I appreciate that the beauty consultant took the time to give me useful tips on how to apply nice eye makeups for the Chinese New Year using the eyeshadow colors i bought recently and she also showed me the correct way of blending the colors.

Photo 21-1-12 10 30 19 AM

I seldom use eye makeup as i find it too troublesome and just focus on using skincare products and light makeup. I normally just apply either my Biotherm BB cream or my SK-II Cellumination Pancake and lip gloss when i'm rushing for time but i love how applying some mascara and eyeliner helps to make my eyes look bigger and nicer during special occasions although hubby prefers me with no eye makeup as he said he is used to my natural look hehe :)

Photo 21-1-12 10 31 13 AM

My mum even thought that i had put on false eyelashes after the makeover as the mascara used for the makeover was really great at lengthening and adding volume to my lashes and i bought it too so that i can use it for the Chinese New Year. I can't wait for Chinese New Year to arrive soon so that i can wear all the pretty new clothes i bought and catch up with my cousins during our family gatherings and play our yearly poker games hehe ;)

Photo 21-1-12 10 29 49 AM
My newly purchased Perfect Mascara Defining Volume S$46

Photo 21-1-12 10 31 35 AM

I bought this makeup remover pencil which cost only S$10 when i went Sephora recently and it will come in handy if i make any mistakes when applying my eye makeup ;)

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