Monday, January 16, 2012

Busy As A Bee With Spring Cleaning For Chinese New Year :)

Photo 1-1-12 6 50 32 PM

Photo 1-1-12 6 54 15 PM

Photo 7-1-12 1 30 43 PM

Photo 7-1-12 1 35 17 PM
My lovely plants :)

Photo 7-1-12 1 31 46 PM

Photo 13-1-12 8 38 28 PM
Lovely Red Packets For Chinese New Year :)

Photo 11-1-12 10 25 20 PM

Photo 11-1-12 10 24 25 PM

I have been busy spring cleaning my house and packing away clothes that i seldom wear in my wardrobe so that i can have more space for the new clothes that i bought for Chinese New Year ;) There is only one week left before Chinese New Year and i have fallen behind on my spring cleaning schedule since i was down with a bad cough and sore throat last week. The cough medication makes me drowsy and i have also been busy shopping with my mum and aunts and looking for nice Chinese New Year decorations for my house. I bought some new plants from Chong Pang and added some lovely decorations to my existing plants to brighten up my little gardening area. Hopefully i can squeeze in some time this week to go Chinatown to look for more nice decorations and also take some pictures of the lovely Chinese New Year displays to share with visitors of my blog. Time to go back to my cleaning before my medications starts to make me sleepy :) Popular Chinese drama "Startling By Each Step" also known as "Scarlet Heart" will be showing on Channel 8 at 7pm starting from tonight and do watch it as it is really entertaining and interesting.

Photo 3-1-12 1 55 24 PM
Found this at Daiso and bought 2 rolls for my shoe cabinets and wardrobe

Photo 7-1-12 9 26 12 PM

Photo 7-1-12 9 25 42 PM

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