Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Love Pine Garden's Chinese New Year Goodies :)

Photo 21-1-12 1 30 04 AM

Pine Garden's new product for the Chinese New Year, the Yam Paste Tri-Layer Chiffon Cake was featured on the Sunday Times in early January and caught my attention as i love yam paste and hubby agree to buy the cake for me :). I ordered the cake and other Chinese New Year goodies online to share with my family during Chinese New Year and we all love the cake's festive design and that it is really light and tasty and not too sweet. My mum is even planning to order it next year ;) I'm hoping Pine Garden will make it a regular item so that i can order it again for family gatherings. Hubby and i also love its Seaweed Folds and Steam Glutinous Rice which is really delicious and we could not stop munching on the Seaweed Folds while watching the Chinese New Year variety shows on Cable TV.


Photo 21-1-12 1 29 35 AM
Yam Paste Tri-Layer Chiffon Cake

Photo 21-1-12 1 30 25 AM

Photo 21-1-12 1 31 24 AM
Seaweed Folds

Photo 21-1-12 1 31 56 AM
Cheese Cookies

Photo 21-1-12 1 29 10 AM
Pandan Cake

Photo 21-1-12 1 28 34 AM
Steam Glutinous Rice


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