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Korean Drama - Myung Wol The Spy





KBS World has been showing this lively spy romance drama every Mondays and Tuesdays nights for awhile and i decided to watch an episode online before deciding if it is worth following as i was looking for a good Korean drama to watch after "Heartstrings" ended. This drama is described as a bright, sweet love story and filmed by the director of sageuk dramas "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and "Iron Empress".





Director Hwang In-hyeok said the drama will be more about the story of a man and woman than the ideological conflict that separates the two Koreas. Eric Moon, from K-pop group Shinhwa, returns to the small screen in some three years after completing his military service in October 2010 to play Hallyu star Kang Woo in this drama. "I might seem similar to Kang Woo, but it's been a while since I was a hallyu star and I'm trying to recollect my experiences", Moon said. "Not all entertainers and celebrities are that poingnant and the character is somewhat exaggerated because it is a drama". Another actor Lee Jin Wook ("Air City", 2007) also makes a return to the entertainment scene after being discharged from mandatory army service in March 2011. Lee plays the role of Choi Ryu, an elite agent from the North and actress Han Ye Seul's boss.




This drama has ended in Korea and the ratings were not good and there were alot of negative reviews and criticism on the lead actress's bad acting and the boring plot. However i felt that the drama started off quite well and it was a pity that there were more misses than hits as the story progresses. However there are still netizens who have enjoyed watching the drama and you can give it a chance and watch it online at (http://www.jacinda1st.com/2011/07/myung-wol-spy-english-subtitles.html) or (http://www.mysoju.com/korean-drama/myung-wol-the-spy/). I chose this drama initially because of its ridiculous but refreshing plot which might turn out to be an interesting drama to watch and i was wondering if the top Hallyu star Kang Woo (Eric) will be another Dokgo Jin... The character is likely to be compared with Dokgo Jin, played by Cha Seung-won, in the recent hit drama "The Greatest Love". Eric Moon said he greatly enjoyed watching the drama, but Dokgo's character affected his portrayal of Kang Woo. "I also thought about setting a unique tone for my character, but I changed my mind after watching Dokgo and tried to be simple", he said.




This drama has generated alot of news in the headlines while it was showing in Korea but for all the wrong reasons with its poor ratings and lead actress Han Ye Seul refusing to participate in the filming of the drama since August 14th 2011. Her boycott resulted in KBS airing a special episode with condensed highlights of the past 10 episodes on August 15th. It was later reported that she left for LA where her parents reside, as she briefly spoke to Korean media upon arrival on Tuesday that she had “given up on everything.” She was unhappy with the filming conditions (the killer schedule and late piecemeal script deliveries) and could not get along with the producers. KBS almost had to consider looking for a replacement actress but she then almost immediately returned to Korea on 17 August and filming resumed on the 18th with her apologizing to everyone on the set and filming resumed.



The main characters of the drama also came to Singapore to shoot some of the location scenes and the characters stayed in Marina Bay Sands and most of the filming was done there. The Singapore scenes involve Kang Woo’s overseas concert tour, during which he becomes entangled with the two spies for the first time. The shot of Han Ye Seul on the motorcycle was also filmed in Singapore, wherein she skillfully follows Kang Woo as he’s being driven in a taxi. Although it was just for filming, Eric stepped up his game by providing a real concert-like atmosphere for the 800 fans who visited to support him. What’s remarkable is that each of the fans came not only from Singapore, but from Thailand, Japan, and Indonesia – all at their own expense. Eric also produced a track for his character, titled “Hands Up“, which is described to be a powerful hip hop track that brings out his vocal color. He explained, “For my character, I composed and wrote a song and even came up with an impressive performance style fit for his Hallyu title.”




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In the drama, Han Myeong Wol, a North Korean hallyu squad member, meets South Korean hallyu star Kang Woo in Singapore while on a mission. Actress Han Ye Seul portrays the secret agent. Myeong Wol's successful life as an undercover spy takes an unexpected turn when she is ordered to get Kang Woo's autograph, but fails. Unable to accept failure, she infiltrates the South with fellow spy cum boss Choi Ryu (Lee Jin Wook) on a mission. Her orders: To get close to a top Hallyu star Kang Woo (Eric)....by marrying him and getting him to defect to the North!!! As expected she ended up complicating the matter by falling for him and Choi Ryu for her....Jang Hee-jin plays In Ah a top actress and spoiled hotel heiress who loves Kang Woo but ended up falling for Choi Ryu.















Character Intro:

Han Myung Wol (Han Ye Seul): Hallyu Crackdown Officer
She is a beautiful North Korea spy who has a weakness: she acts before she thinks.... She meets Hallyu star Kang Woo while on a secret guard mission in Singapore and enters South Korea wishing to regain her fame after spoiling her boss cum fellow agent Choi Ryu's plan to steal an ancient book that Kang Woo had gotten in an auction in Singapore. What she gets, however, is a ridiculous mission to marry top star Kang Woo! She ended up being Kang Woo's personal bodyguard after saving him in an explosion at his filming site and tries all means to get him to fall for her (even aiming to be a top star so that she would be at the same level as Kang Woo) and repeatedly voice her love for him to the extend that Kang Woo thought she is a crazy fan cum stalker!!! However she managed to get Kang Woo's interest in her which is a big change since he really doesn't care for anyone at all according to his manager. She slowly finds herself falling for Kang Woo after getting to know him and ended up being stuck between Kang Woo and Choi Ryu, who also confessed his feelings for her. Is she going to chose her country or love???









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Kang Woo (Eric): Top Hallyu Star
One of the most prominent figures of the worldwide ‘Hallyu star boom’. He grew up as an orphan and has always wanted to find out the truth about the mysterious death of his father. He gained his fame through strict training and aiming for perfection in everything he does. As he has gone through difficult times in order to be the person he is now, he is always thorough in everything. At first the mysterious Myung Wol was a simple curiosity but soon his emotions start to wander into the unknown…







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Choi Ryu (Lee Jin Wook): Spy cum Special Service Major
He is Myeong Wol’s direct boss and knows about her pains and her dreams, but is strict toward her. He comes to Korea with a different mission, but even though he is strict he wishes to always protect Myeong Wol. He is a perfect expert at work but his values waver in matters related to Myeong Wol. That Myeong Wol keeps meeting Kang Woo begins to bother him and he also has a secret order to kill everyone involved if the mission failed and he does not wish to kill Myeong Wol.....












Joo In Ah (Jang Hee Jin): Spoiled and irritating top actress and heiress to her evil grandfather's hotel business
She is President’s Joo’s granddaughter and the heiress of a rich family. She grew up in an affluent environment which shaped her present ego. Everything in the world went as she pleased, but her love won’t go the same way. She is as famous as the Hallyu star Kang Woo, but she is bothered by the cold way Kang Woo treats her. She still thought she was the only one who could understand Kang Woo but who is this mysterious Myung Wol figure who is always getting her beloved Kang Woo's attention!!!







After watching a few episodes, there are some crazy hilarious moments and it has been quite fun watching it. Her fake secret agents parents were also really funny and does not behave as normal spies and imagine spies having to join anti fan clubs and having trouble deciding where to hide stuffs haha....if only the fun will continue....








For those who have watched till episode 15 like me, will Kang Woo's proposal move Myung Wol's heart? On the fifteenth episode of the KBS 2TV drama, Kang Woo proposed to Myung Wol and asked her to surrender herself. Myung Wol saved Kang Woo from Chairman Joo's men and confessed that she was a spy from the North, on a mission to seduce Kang Woo, get married to him, and then return to her own land. She then said she succeeded in seducing him but changed her plans and was going to depart the country with him by force.

After confessing her double sided life, she acted differently to Kang Woo. She lied, saying her feelings for him were just because of the mission, and even slapped Kang Woo when he asked if she was lying. She hid her actual feelings for him by acting coldly on purpose. However, it wasn't enough to fool him. He shouted at her, "Isn't it enough that you're the woman I love? Does it matter if it's North or South if that doesn't change?" He begged her to surrender and said he will forgive everything she had done so far.

Even though Myung Wol chose to leave to the North, he asked her to marry him. He told her he wouldn't go anywhere without her. She is now cornered as she failed her task and stuck between Kang Woo and Choi Ryu, who also confessed his feelings for her....

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