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Japanese Drama - Jiu



I'm currently watching this intense and exciting thrill and suspense drama currently showing in Japan and you can watch it online at (http://www.dramacrazy.net/japanese-drama/jiu-keishicho-tokushuhan-sousagakari/).  

Infinite’s L is making his acting debut in this Japanese drama “Jiu MPD Special Criminal Investigation Department” and he will be playing the mysterious role of Jiu alongside Japanese actresses Kuroki Meisa and Tabe Mikako. The drama is based on the “Jiu” suspense novel series by Honda Tetsuya. Jiu is a mysterious blond haired criminal with no sense of pain, chased by two very different female detectives played by Kuroki and Tabe. 

Kuroki’s role, “Isaki Motoko”, will be a “black” detective who has superior physical performance skill, does not believe in love, and she has no hesitation on killing criminals.  On the other hand, Tabe will be “white” detective named “Kadokura Misaki” who has kind heart, cries easily, tries to face with the criminals sincerely. Although Motoko has a hatred for Misaki who is completely opposite from herself, Misaki still tries to understand Motoko. Other than Kuroki and Tabe, Shirota Yu and Kitamura Yukiya will also make appearances.  Shirota’s role will be a mysterious guy “Amemiya Takashi”, who often shows up around Motoko, and Kitamura will be “Azuma Hiroki”, who is the boss of Misaki. Lady Gaga’s song “The Edge of Glory” is use as the theme song for the drama.

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Motoko is a fierce, physically capable investigator with a strong battle instinct, while Misaki is more intellectual, kind-hearted, and naive. Motoko knows martial arts like judo and akido, and is a competitive person who lives for knocking her opponents down. She has no interest in love because of her past and detests girls like Misaki. On the other hand, Misaki is a kind-hearted and sentimental person. She tries to understand Motoko even though she is rebuffed by her. These two female police officers with contrasting personalities clash with each other as they track down the mysterious ringleader Jiu, of a series of vicious crimes.







Although the drama airs during a midnight time slot, it recorded 9.4% in viewer ratings for its first episode on 29 July 2011 and jumped into the double digits by the second, coming in at first for its time slot.

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Actresses Kuroki Meisa and Tabe Mikako appeared for a press conference on July 27th to talk about their new drama, “Jiu“. Since Kuroki participates in quite a few action scenes for her latest drama, the actress enthusiastically commented, “I’d like to try acting out a full-force body blow.” To illustrate each characters’ personality, Kuroki and her co-star Tabe dressed in black and white ensembles. When asked if the real her was a “mysterious black” or a “pure white”, Tabe cheekily confessed, “I’d like black. I’m not pure.” She then continued, “White has this ‘Snow White’ image, but I don’t really think I have that.”




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For those who have been following this exiting drama, "Jiu" ended on 23 Sep 2011 with a very nice 10.1% rating and recorded an average rating of 8.66%. If they hadn’t pushed it back to the midnight slot a few times, the drama probably could have reached higher ratings. (Source: http://www.tokyohive.com/2011/09/drama-prime-time-report-%E2%80%93-september-22nd25th/)