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Hong Kong Drama - Men With No Shadows



I wrote about this drama last week and will add more information and pictures about the drama in this post :) I started watching 2 episodes of this TVB's latest 20 episodes suspense drama "Men With No Shadows" last week and finds it really interesting. I have always enjoy watching Bobby Au Yeung's drama and am sure this drama will not disappoint me. The drama is currently showing in Hong Kong and starring Bobby, Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung. Raymond's role in this drama is quite different from his previous role and he is playing a devil who is out to get Bobby's life and his character seems very mysterious and unpredictable. His role reminds me of Japanese film "Death Note" as he kept eating apples in the show which is similar to the devil character. Bobby is playing the 'good person role' and a doctor who researches new medicines. Tavia Yeung plays his love interest and wife. Sire Ma is Bobby's stepsister in the drama and a nurse at his clinic. She ended up being used by Raymond in his plan of revenge against Bobby.












Medical researcher Dr. Kong Tung Kin (Bobby Au Yeung) is lonely and impolite. He's just a doctor that concentrates entirely on long-term drug research, until he met Fong Siu Fong (Tavia Yeung), who is naturally born allergic to chemicals. Unfortunately, a rule stated that Dr. Kong cannot develop a relationship with his patients within 3 years. Dr. Kong can only wait 3 years before he can confess his love to Fong.



Three years later, when Dr. Kong was finally able to profess is love to Fong he gets into a traffic accident and was on the verge of death. That was when he encountered the Devil, Tai Fung (Raymond Lam) who demanded for his life. However, because Dr. Kong's wishes haven't been fulfilled, he begged for mercy from Fung. He felt he never done anything that offended the Heavens, so he and Fung came up with an agreement to prove that he's a good person. With Fung's assistance, he was finally able to marry Fong.








When everything seemed to be going smoothly, the most ugly side of human nature are exposed. Was it all because of the Devil's trials or was it the Devil inside causing all the trouble? Later in the drama, Dr Kong sells his soul to Fung for money and fame. As time goes by, he starts to become a totally different person, losing his kindness without himself knowing it.








Producer Poon Ka Tak describe the series as suspense: "This is another type of drama that can be considered a fable story. I want to warn viewers that this series is not written based on a true story, there is suspense, illusions and while we were producing the series, we had powerful imaginations. So, when you are enjoying the series, do not think it has anything to do with real life and put yourself into the story. If you feel Raymond is a ghost, then he's a ghost. If you feel he's human, then he's human. Just a small spoiler, the series will have an unexpected ending."




Producer Poon goes on and describes how "Men with No Shadows" is revolved around the word 'Trial'. In other people's eyes, he is a 100% good person that goes through trials, but actually good people have their weaknesses. You think Devils are frightening? In fact, the Devil in the heart is even harder to resist! Much of what draws people into doing something bad basically comes from the nature of that person. The saying "Cherish the people you have at present", just how many people really know how to cherish?



Picture 3




In its first week of broadcast, TVB series, "Men With No Shadows", averaged ratings of 29 points and the series had the highest online click-through rate [on]. Since its broadcast, netizens criticized "Men With No Shadows" in plagiarizing American film, "Meet Joe Black", and TVB series "You Only Live Twice". Raymond Lam’s “chok” gestures in playing a devil and eating apples were pointed out as resembling Japanese production, "Death Note".

The producer of "Men With No Shadows", Poon Ka Tak, did not take further steps to deny allegations of plagiarism due to surprises in the plot’s later development. It turned out that the plot of "Men With No Shadows" did not center around a devil chasing a human soul. Instead, Raymond was a hypnotist seeking revenge. It was not easy to differentiate who was human and who was a devil in "Men With No Shadows".


It was understood that the script was confidential during the initial filming stage of "Men With No Shadows", even the cast did not know the real story. Raymond had always been identified as portraying a devil in the series. However, it was exposed that in order to avenge his father’s death, Fung used hypnosis to endlessly agonize Dr Fong and other characters. Raymond’s devilish red eyes, eating apples, and finger pointing were related to hynosis.

There were numerous online discussions about "Men With No Shadows". Some netizens discovered the twist in the drama’s plot, speculating that the story was a dream sequence after Dr Fong fell into a coma after his car accident. Netizens speculated that Dr Fong's psychological guilt resulted in his “encounters” with the devil.

It turned out that early speculations were all wrong. In fact, early in the second episode, the plot’s mystery was already revealed when Dr Fong recalled memories of the human testing for cancer treatment drugs. Since Tong Tin King (David Chiang) decided to cut the funding for the cancer drug testing, a cancer patient was eliminated from the critical treatment. The patient’s wife and children begged Dr Fong to help them. Chan On Ying (陳安瑩) portrayed Mrs. Tai [the wife of the cancer patient] and the teenage version of Fung , along with his sister (Mandy Wong) scolded Dr Fong.

Since his father died from the sudden halt of the cancer treatment, Fung was filled with hatred. He carefully plotted for revenge and used hypnosis against the people involved in implementing the cancer drug testing program years ago for his deceased father.

Producer Poon Ka Tak insisted against plagiarism allegations in "Men With No Shadows". Mr. Poon said, “When you watch the drama, if you think that Raymond Lam is human, then he is human. If you feel that he is a devil, then he is a devil. Anyhow, this is an abstract and creative story.”


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