Friday, April 30, 2010

Shiseido White Lucent Range

I have been interested in whitening products since reading about its benefits from magazines and is currently trying out samples of SK-II's Cellumination Essence and Deep Surge after seeing its advertisement on TV and magazines. I'm tempted to buy the products as i have started using its cleanser, facial treatment clear lotion (toner), facial treatment essence, and skin signature cream for several months and finds my skin condition getting even better :> However I have come across rave reviews about Shiseido's White Lucent range online and in magazines and is tempted to try its star product, Intensive Spot Targeting Serum after reading the Shiseido article from Urban (The Straits Times, Friday supplement) today. Really wonders which whitening product is better, SK-II or Shiseido? Below is an article on Shiseido's whitening product from which i find really useful. I will also be looking for more information about Sk-II's Cellumination range before i decide which product to spend my money on ;>

Early this year, Shiseido launched the reformulated White Lucent range. The star product, Intensive Spot Targeting Serum, also known as "The Most Powerful Whitening Serum Ever" is a sell out. During the first weekend of the launch, one bottle was sold every 7 minutes. The key to its success is the combination of exclusive ingredients and its unique whitening concept-total spots control, texture control and microcirculation. This holistic approach achieves results in just 2 weeks, creating a soft focused glow on your skin as if the light is shinning from within.

One of the key actions, total spots control, lightens newly formed and stubborn spots, at the same time prevent more from forming. Patented ingredients, M-Tranexamic, 4MSK and multi-target Vitamin C, stop melanin formation and darkening. If you are troubled by persistent spots, White Lucent is specially formulated to solve this. This is also the reason why consumers are clamouring for it. This breakthrough by Shiseido sheds light to why persistent spots never seem to fade away. Melanin accumulation at a certain spot affects cell division, which results in the impaired ability for the skin to expel the dark pigments. Shiseido coined the term for them as, "sleeping cells". To "wake" these cells up and discharge melanin, Shiseido uses Yomogi extract. It is scientifically proven that this extract of a species of chrysanthemum encourages cell division and promotes the expulsion of melanin, thus stabilizing cell renewal. What this means is stubborn spots can now be lightened. The best part is, Yomogi does not affect surrounding cells, which results in an even and smooth skin tone.

Apart from these, White Lucent's abilities to re-texturize skin and promote microcirculation play an important part in the process. Rough surfaces reflect light badly, hence affecting the glow. Like a smooth marble flooring, the gleaming surface is the result of its texture. In order to enhance radiance, Shiseido adopts a two-way approach- from the outside and inside. White Lucent boosts the hydration level that plumps up the skin from within. With a smoother surface, natural glow is created. The products also encourage microcirculation that promotes healthy skin cells. With a timely skin renewal cycle, dead skin cells are shed evenly, minimizing the chance of having a rough skin surface. Furthermore, the serum can be used on the whole face, including the under eye area, to brighten and improve moisture level.

Are you not seeing results?

Many consumers do not see results with whitening products not realizing they are not using them the right way. Skin absorption level varies and this affects how well products can work on your skin. Other than feeding your skin with nutrients, preparing it is equally crucial. To answer this, Shiseido came up with the softener. This step comes after cleansing and before any other products, replacing the step of your toner. It softens the skin's outermost layer and optimizes it's absorption ability. The softener basically works as a booster for your serums and moisturizers, making them work doubly hard while your skin retains double the benefits.

Working in tandem with the Intensive Spot Targeting Serum, Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softener can be used on your whole face, including the sensitive eye area to boost your eye creams and serums making it an excellent right-hand man in the whole of your skincare regime.

Achieving a luminous and translucent complexion is no longer a faraway dream that cannot be fulfilled. The bottom line in skin care and whitening is to understand your skin, have realistic expectations and place safety in your priority using products you know you can trust.


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