Thursday, April 8, 2010

Go !Go!Curry! Real Delicious Japanese Curry Rice For Lunch

GO!GO!CURRY! was first introduced at Tokyo’s popular Shinjuku district in May 2004. Today, a total of 27 outlets have been established in Japan and one other, in New York City, USA. Its principal owner, visualizes a prominence of 555 brand outlets in 55 countries across the globe eventually. Marking its inaugural presence in Singapore, GO!GO!CURRY! is situated at Basement Four, Ion Orchard and Food Republic, 313@Somerset.

Japanese curry has always been the least intimidating in reference to its spice content. On the contrary, it is sweet and more pungent in flavour. GO!GO!CURRY! with its signature bright yellow logo, is not only highly visible from a distance, it is clearly differentiated by a unique curry recipe that has its very own distinctive dark brown colour, a thicker texture and a more pronounced peppery taste. Fans of GO!GO!CURRY! enjoy their set meals with either a choice of Shrimp, Sausage, Pork or Chicken cutlet, accompanied by a mix of cabbage along with a generous portion of rice in four variations – Healthy, Economy, Business or First Class where each category represents the desired portion or set meal that suits the appetite best. Additional orders of boiled egg slices, cheese and extra portions of curry are encouraged too.

Most Japanese usually use their fork whenever they embark on a GO!GO!CURRY! experience. In fact, annual curry eating championships are staged regularly in Japan, with a very familiar looking Gorilla mascot appearing at intervals to tease guests with their loud tactics. The popular mascot has become a very sought after icon even with the Japanese TV media and press publications alike! The continued interest in GO! GO! CURRY! stems from Japan’s most popular baseball player, Hideki Matsui, who played for the Yomiuri Giants before he joined the New York Yankees. ‘Go Go’ also means 55 in Japanese, which was Matsui’s jersey number. His ‘Godzilla’ nickname has since influenced the introduction of the Gorilla mascot at GO!GO!CURRY!

My yummy healthy class curry rice with chicken cutlet S$11.50/- :> will be back to try the Pork Katsu Curry during my next visit!


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