Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas For Toddlers Aged 2-3

I went jogging with J today after some playground time. It is one of our favourite activities whenever he is up early from nap :) We went to Sun Plaza to shop around after exercising as it was still too early for dinner and i found a perfect Christmas gift for toddlers aged 2-3 while at Duyi bookstore :) December is my favourite and happy month. I love Christmas shoppings for my loved ones as its so much fun when you chanced upon the perfect gift.

J loves to read and do jigsaw puzzles and he can manage 30 to 40 pieces puzzles on his own and i have been trying to look for more puzzles for him. I found this cute puzzle box set that comes with a lovely storybook at the Duyi and J immediately started on the puzzles after finishing dinner. The quality of the puzzles are really good and suitable for toddlers. He also loves the storybook and i'm planning to get more as Christmas presents. Do check out Duyi as they have a good selections of toys and books for children at a reasonable price ;) 

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