Thursday, December 17, 2015

Korea Drama - Bubblegum


One of my favourite pastimes is watching dramas after my boy has zzzz. If you are looking for a sweet and heartwarming romance drama to watch, do check out Korean drama Bubblegum :) It is the only Korean drama that captured my interest recently. I have been watching lot of Japanese dramas instead as i don't find the latest dramas showing in Korea interesting. Will blog about the Japanese dramas i'm watching if i have the time.

Bubblegum tells the story of people with deficiencies, becoming a little happier just by being with one another. It will take place in a broadcast station and a hospital. The leading man is a doctor of Eastern medicine who runs his own practice. He's someone who thinks of his mother and the heroine before himself. The leading female is a radio PD — she's impatient and clumsy, and also carries some inner pain.

You can read find out more about the drama from dramabeans. I love reading about the latest happening in Korean dramaland from there. Sometimes when i don't have time to watch the drama i'm interested in, i will just read their drama recaps. I just finished watching Bubblegum's last episode and loves its ending. I have really enjoyed following this show and i love the pairing of Lee Dong Wook and Jung Ryeo Won. I love the simple and touching love story between their characters and also the supporting casts. There is no complicated love triangles or scheming characters. I also like how there are no secrets between the main characters and they are willing to confront their true feelings for each other and work hard to stay together despite all the obstacles. We should have more of such Korean dramas :)

The songs featured in the drama are also really nice and below are some of my favourites.


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