Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lovely Birthday Celebrations With My Love Ones At Sea Aquarium :)

We went Sea Aquarium and Ocean Restaurant awhile back to celebrate my birthday and had a lovely time there. I love the 4 course lunch set at Ocean Restaurant especially the onion soup but i was busy feeding my little guy too and did not take pictures of all the dishes.

My little guy loves his ice cream treat and even decided to feed himself :) He loves looking at fishes nowadays and had a wonderful time looking at all the fishes in the Aquarium and kept saying "fish" non stop and pointing to the fishes that caught his attention. Kids really grow up very fast and my little guy has started to say more words and is able to better express himself and understand more of what we are saying to him. 

He can now tell me clearly "no mummy" whenever he does not want me to do certain things and say "nite nite to everyone he knows" before he goes to bed. My birthday wish is for my dear little one to stay healthy and happy and hopefully the dreaded "terrible twos" will stay far far away from him as he turns 2 soon in March.

I love my sweet little guy more and more each day and loves seeing his happy smiley face and cute laughter. I loves spending time with him more and more and loves bringing him out. He enjoys wondering around the library and looking for books on his favorite big trucks and cars. He also likes meeting up with his little friends and playing bubbles with them at the playground. I feel really blessed to have this sweet little one in my life and thankful to hubby for working hard to enable me to be a stay at home mum so that i can spend lot of time with our little guy and witness him reaching all his important milestones.

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