Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yummy Dim Sum Lunch @ Tim Ho Wan With My Family

I went with my family to HDB today for the first appointment of our new home purchase and we were lucky that we managed to get everything done before lunch time. I was hoping to eat lunch at Tim Ho Wan (next to Toa Payoh HDB Hub, at the old Eng Hwa Entertainment Centre) and avoid the long queue at lunch time and was happy that we managed to get seats immediately. We had a yummy lunch there and our top favorites are its porridge, char siew bun, carrot cake and siew mai and i can't wait to go back again during our 2nd HDB appointment in December :) 

Photo 24-10-13 11 00 39 am

Photo 24-10-13 11 06 29 am

Photo 24-10-13 11 06 33 am

Photo 24-10-13 2 20 19 pm

Photo 24-10-13 11 06 14 am

Photo 24-10-13 11 22 22 am

Photo 24-10-13 11 20 22 am

Photo 24-10-13 11 20 36 am

Photo 24-10-13 11 20 28 am

Photo 24-10-13 11 20 42 am


Erisadesu said...

Wow the food looks really tasty. We don't have many asian restaurants here in my city in Greece. So I don't know the original flavors of Asia. Your baby looks happy and that only means that he has a happy and good family. Thank you for showing me these different and distant world.

Janice said...

Thanks for the lovely comment :) Hope you have a chance to visit Singapore in the near future.