Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Updates & Yummy Lunch @ Ikea Tampines :)

I have not had the time to blog recently as baby J has started teething and it is a really terrible time for him. He is really fussy at feeding time and dislikes drinking his milk at times and i have to spend more time coaxing him to finish his feed. Really pity the poor guy and can't wait for all his teeth to come out. His mummy feels his pain but can only give him chilled teether and teething gel and lots of hugs and hopes that it can lessen his discomfort. I have also started feeding him fish porridge as advised by his pediatrician and have to spend more time on cooking. But i'm glad that he loves it and its strange that teething does not affect his appetite for solid food. He loves it when i add his favorite organic Japanese pumpkin or carrot puree to his fish porridge but he hates spinach in his porridge. Will have to think of ways to coax him to eat more green veggies ;)

Photo 4-9-13 3 22 14 PM
I love my happy baby J :) He is getting cuter and cuter each day hehe...
Photo 5-10-13 12 45 30 pm
So unglam in his new Ikea high chair haha waiting for his mummy to feed him more of his favorite porridge
I have not had much time to blog as we are in the midst of moving house and have been spending lot of time meeting contractors and comparing quotations. We do not have alot of budget for renovation as the amount we paid for the new place had exceeded our initial budget. Would share more about our experience meeting with the contractors and IDs if i have the time. Hubby was quite pissed off with Sky Creation as its staff was really rude when replying to his email enquiry for quotation. My best friend had recommended her ID at Sky to us as she was really please with her service and willingness to work within her tight budget for renovation. Hubby had sent an online enquiry via Sky's website for the same ID to contact us and indicated our budget for renovations but someone else replied to our enquiry and apparently he was unhappy with the amount we indicated and was really rude and sarcastic. We were actually prepared to increase our budget if needed but because he was so rude and ignore our request for the specific ID, we rather look for someone else then spend money and have to put up with such nonsense. 

Despite the trouble we face looking for a good contractor or ID, we are really excited about moving to our home by the end of the year. We have been looking around for furnitures and home decor ideas and made a trip to our favorite Ikea store recently. How i wish they would open a branch in Sembawang as i would love to lunch there daily heehee... Check out what we had for lunch below... so sinful but i love it :)

Photo 25-9-13 1 45 34 pm

Photo 25-9-13 1 45 40 pm

Photo 25-9-13 1 45 48 pm

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