Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lovely Staycation @ Fairmont Hotel & Happy News To Share :)

Photo 17-10-12 1 42 02 PM

Hubby and i spent 2 nights at Fairmont Hotel last week and we decided to go back to the hotel after having a lovely staycation there last year to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We were initially thinking of going for an overseas trip and considering Hong Kong Disneyland after seeing the lovely pictures from one of my favorite beauty blogger ParisB. It has been 2 years since our last trip to Tokyo Disneyland and i have been hopping to go back again soon for more Disney fun and magic.

Pictures taken during our 2010 trip to Tokyo Disneyland :))

However we decided to opt for local hotel stay instead as i'm currently 4 months+ pregnant and we decided it would be better to play safe and avoid traveling overseas :) We will plan another Disneyland trip when our little one is bigger so that he/she can share mummy's love for the magical Disneyland experience. We will only know baby's gender next month during the detailed scan and i'm so excited and can't wait to start shopping for all those cute baby clothes and items!!! I have been getting alot of useful baby tips from friends and feel so lucky that i have so many friends who are mummies and i can turn to them for advice. Thank God my morning sickness stopped at 3 months (reason why i have been reducing my blog posts) and it was so funny as i had gone karaoke with my best friend and i stopped vomiting since that night. I was joking with her that my baby must really love her singing or is scare of her voice hahahaa and decided to spare mummy :)

I'm hoping for a girl so that i can dress her up and i could not resist getting this really cute Minnie Mouse top during Fox's sales last week. However i'm also happy to have a baby boy as i already feel so happy and blessed to have this baby and can't wait for next year to come soon so that i can see our baby. Hubby and i just hope that our baby will be a healthy and happy baby. I can always give the Minnie Mouse top to my best friend who is expecting a baby girl and her due date is earlier than me by a month. I feel really lucky to have a buddy who is expecting at the same time as me and we have been having alot of fun shopping together for maternity wear, eating lot of extra meals while comparing our weight gain heehee ;) 

Photo 17-10-12 2 39 21 PM

Back to our staycation, we were lucky to get a city view room this time and i love the beautiful city view especially at night. We spent our time feasting away and relaxing by the pool side. I have stopped jogging since i'm pregnant and have been trying to swim once a week to keep fit and its time i start getting 're-acquainted' with my OTO exercise bike too ;)

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My favorite corner to catch up on my readings and relax with a good book :)

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I would share more of our dining pictures in my subsequent posts and i highly recommend the Fairmont Hotel for those who are considering a staycation as i love it big and cozy room and friendly service staff. There are also various dinning options at Raffles City for those who are too lazy to go far like me for a meal.