Thursday, August 16, 2012

Korean Drama "Ghost" Is My Top Favorite Drama For 2012 (Spoiler Alert)


Korean drama "Ghost" brought twist after twist in its exciting plot and finally ended in Korea last week. According to AGB Nielsen Media Research on the 10th, SBS drama "Ghost" rated 12.2% on its final episode. This is 0.7% lower than the previous record. It is such a pity that such a good quality and entertaining drama with a great cast did not bring in the high ratings that it definitely deserved. Hubby and i finished watching the final 2 episodes during the weekends and was really satisfied with the happy ending and am glad that the writer did not kill off any of my favorite characters comprising of Park Ki Young, Kwon Hyuk Joo and Yoo Gang Mi in the drama. They really make a good team and i love seeing Hyun Joo and Ki Young working together to fight the baddies in the show. I'm glad 2 other members (Lee Tae Gyoon and Byeon Sang Woo) of the cyber crime squad also joined them in rounding up all the baddies in the end and were not the suspect spies in the team :)


I'm really impressed with the writer for coming up with such a good script. Hubby and i really enjoyed watching the drama with its fast-paced and interesting cases and the main casts did a great job of portraying their characters especially main lead So Ji Sub who acted 2 characters (Park Ki Yong and the late Kim Woo Hyeon). Eom Gi Joon also did a great job portraying the main villain, the chilling and cold-blooded Jo Hyeon Min. Even though Jo Hyeon Min killed so many people in the show we still can't help feeling sad in the end when he realized that he had killed the woman who truly loves him and was pregnant with his child. He had shown no regrets at all for committing all those evil deeds and killing so many lives out of revenge but Park Ki Young really delivers the final blow to him by revealing in the end that his ex-girlfriend Shin Hyo Jeong was pregnant with his child and had decided not to reveal Hyeon Min was the true murderer of Nam Sam Woon in the end. Jo Hyeon Min had mistakenly killed her for betraying him and he could not accept the truth! I really enjoyed the final showdown between Park Ki Young and Jo Hyeon Min.

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I also love how the drama highlights the harm the internet can bring to its users if used in the wrong ways and raise public awareness of cyber crime through the various cases shown. I hope fellow fans of the show have enjoyed watching the drama as much as i did ;) For those who are new to the drama, you can read more about it from my previous post ( and give it a try. I look forward to more great dramas from the writer of "Ghost". Do check out this interesting article i found online about the drama:

Well Made Drama Ghost - Whats The Secret?


SBS TV drama "Ghost - Drama", a cyber investigate, ended on the 9th in popularity.

"Ghost - Drama", captivated viewers from the beginning while raising the alarm about cyber crime.

In the midst of the conflict between genius hacker Jo Hyeon-min and police officer Kim Woohyeon, this drama showed how careless comments can lead DIDOS programs as well as hackers to attack the nation and how it can affect the network and long pole.

It showed at the same time, the danger caused by one virus and the scariness behind cyber crime.

The drama shocked viewers in the beginning with the set up of Woo-hyeon dying and then Ki-yeong coming back as Woo-hyeon then brought out curiosity in the middle of the drama regarding the spy in the police force and went through with Kim Woohyeon and Jo Hyeon-min's mental war. The storyline was well made-up with twist after twist and it didn't' try to force in any romance in between but focused on the investigation point. It doesn't mean there wasn't any romance in it.

The little bit of romance in the drama was only added in so slightly so that it didn't stand out or break the wave. The romantic scenes added as spice to the serious drama. There was a love-line between So Ji-sub and Kwak Byeong-gyoo and Kim Byeol.

The cast did an excellent job as well. So Ji-sub pulled off two roles and Eom Gi-joon portrayed the cold and murderous characteristics of Jo Hyeon-min with just the right amount of density. Kwak Byeong-gyoo's performance in creating the character of Kwon Hyeok-joo, a crazy character to which he added his own personalities.

"Ghost - Drama" raised the alarm about the seriousness of cyber crime and didn't lose its track on the main theme. It chased two hares at once and perfected the idea of an investigations drama.


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I realised that u watch a lot of korean shows!

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Yup i love Korean and Japanese dramas but there are too many choices so i choose those with the most interesting plots, good reviews and starring my favorite actors to watch :) Hope to share them on my blog with everyone.

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Hi Agnes, thanks for dropping by :) I love reading your skincare reviews, they are really useful when i'm looking out for new skincare products to try. Do check out Lee Min Ho's latest Korea drama "Faith" if you are looking for a new drama to start on :)

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One of the best korean drama series that i watched so far.

Nice review by the way.