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Hotaru The Movie: It's Only A Little Light In My Life



For fellow fans of popular Japanese drama series "Hotaru no Hikari' season 1 and 2, you would be happy to know that the eagerly awaited "Hotaru The Movie" is finally showing in local cinemas on 23 August 2012 (according to updates from film distributor Encore Films Facebook). The movie first premiered in cinemas in Japan on 9 June 2012 and i have been looking forward to watching it in local cinema. Big thanks to Encore Films for bringing the movie to Singapore :) I first blogged last year about the movie at
( and can't believe the movie is finally completed and we would be able to watch it this month!!!

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The movie did well when it premiered in Japan and Taiwan and its main leads  were at Taiwan for its movie premiere. If only they are able to come to Singapore...

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I'm a huge fan of the drama and have both sets of its DVDs and love the wonderful chemistry shared between the lovely and bubbly Ayase Haruka and charming Naohito Fujiki in the show. They really bring to life my favorite characters Amemiya Hotaru and Seichi Takano in the show and endears the characters to viewers' hearts. 



“Hotaru no Hikari” was originally a manga by Satoru Hiura which was adapted to a TV drama in 2007. Haruka Ayase played a quirky interior design company employee named Hotaru Amemiya who had no interest in relationships and choose to abandone love while in her 20s. She instead spent most of her free time laying around her messy rented house in her jersey while drinking beer and earning herself the title “himono-onna” (dried-up woman).



During the course of the series, she falls in love with her boss, Seiichi Takano (Naohito Fujiki) who turns out to be the son of her landlord and they were forced to stay together as he had to vacate his own house after his divorce. Seiichi also ended up falling for the innocent charm of Hotaru although he was initially horrified by Hotaru's "himono onna image and behavior which is a vast difference from how she behaves at work. A prim and proper office lady who is admired by her peers. By the end of the second season in 2010, they were finally preparing to get married.



I can't wait to see their married life and also my favorite Hotaru in a wedding dress during her dream honeymoon in Italy :)) Really miss seeing the cute "Ahomiya" in action although i can't imagine her doing her favorite "goro goro" activity in the streets of Italy like she loves doing at home heeheee..






Set two years after "Hotaru no Hikari 2" drama series, Hotaru Amemiya learns that her boss and now husband Seichi Takano has dreamed of vacationing in Rome, Italy like in the movie "Roman Holiday". Hotaru then makes plans to go to Rome for their honeymoon. Rome, Italy prepare ... Hotaru Amemiya and Seichi Takano are coming!



Hotaru meets another “himono-onna” named Rio Saeki (Yasuko Matsuyuki) by chance in Rome and gets caught up in a situation Rio’s younger brother Yu (Yuya Tegoshi) has stirred up. Later, she gets cut off from Seiichi and runs frantically through the streets of Rome to find him. It will be interesting to see how a himono onna like Hotaru will survive in a foreign country and what will happen when things do not go her way....  





Do support the movie when it premieres in local cinemas on 23 August 2012 ;)


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