Monday, February 20, 2012

Delicious Dinner @ Xin Wang & Relaxing Time Reading 步步惊心 :)

Photo 17-2-12 10 11 07 PM

Reading my favorite book of the moment, 步步惊心 while waiting for hubby at Xin Wang for dinner. I have been spending the past few days reading it and strongly encourage those who loves the drama to get the book as it is really very well written and it has been a long time since i read a Chinese novel and enjoys it so much! Love the lovely writing and poems of the book and this is one of my favorite:

I have not been bringing my iPad 2 out recently since i have been hooked to the book and realized that although i love the convenience of reading e-books and e-magazines from my gadget, i still crave for and loves the feel of a physical book and it is such a simple joy to chance upon a good book and spend some relaxing time reading it :)

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