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[SPOILER] Korean Drama - "Lie To Me" Boring Ending






"Lie to Me" ended with Yoon Eun-hye deciding to 'all-in' on love. On the last episode of SBS drama "Lie to Me" Hyeon Ki-joon (Kang Ji-hwan) and Gong Ah-jeong (Yoon Eun-hye) decided to get married and ended in a happy ending.

Previously, Gong Ah-jeong had to listen to Chairman Hyeon talk about the things she would need to be to marry Hyeon Ki-joon. To be his woman, she had to attend the gathering of ambassadors from all over more than 10 times a year, speak 5 languages, master all sorts of cultural books and learn horseback riding and golf, as well as quit her job.

Also, because of the public that only saw her as a "Cinderella", Gong Ah-jeong thought to herself "I need to find something I lost" and spent time with Hyeon Ki-joon and was dispatched to Jejudo.
Working in the exhibition department at a museum in Jejudo a month later, Hyeon Ki-joon found her again and proposed the second time. He didn't even ask for an answer.

However, Gong Ah-jeong made the mistake of losing one of the artifact and couldn't make it to the promised location. Chairman Hyeon got really mad at Gong Ah-jeong for not keeping he promise. She told Hyeon Ki-joon "I've been stood up and you've been rejected, she not even basically educated".
Hyeon Ki-joon misunderstands Gong Ah-jeong.

At the same time, she finds the artifact she thought she had lost and cried tears. The museum director throws out, "There was something else you needed to find and not the artifact". Gong Ah-jeong said, "I realized how amazing and miraculous it is to be living in one generation" and decided to get married with Hyeon Ki-joon.

They met at a beachside and told each other, "Sorry I kept you waiting", "I love you more", "I don't want to spend another day apart from you" and ended in happiness.

Until here is drama or even the happy ending of a fairytale. However, viewers don't understand what it is that she had lost. Those who have seen the drama say, "What is that something she lost?", "Even if they did decide to get married, it doesn't make a difference from the time before she left for Jejudo", "Chairman Hyeon is even more angry but it just ended like this" and more.

The 'happy ending' is not quite clear. Wasn't this the drama that declared it will differentiate itself from other romantic dramas and characters? The reaction for the simple happy ending is like Coca-Cola without the gas unlike the 'cola kiss' the two shared once and created an issue.




LadyJan: Actually i have enjoyed watching the drama and finds it really romantic ;) it was really sweet and cute how Ki-joon ended up doing stuff that he would normally not have done just to chase after Ah-jeong. I do not find the drama boring at all contrary to the article above although i do find the ending quite abrupt and did not answer all the questions like Ki-joon's aunt's expectation of Ah-jeong being his wife and Ah-jeong's fear of being just "Cinderella" in the eyes of the public and losing her own self which was why she told Ki-joon's aunt that she wish to continue working even if she gets married. But i guess it might turn out to be very draggy addressing everything. Maybe the writer could have find a more straightforward way of resolving everything to make things easier for the viewers?


Picture 17

It was also very strange how Ah-jeong refused to marry Ki-joon as she was stressed and unhappy with his aunt's expectation of her and how the problems were resolved all of a sudden in the final episode and she suddenly finds whatever she felt was missing and decides to accept Ki-joon's proposal. I can only interpret that as she felt something was missing in her relationship with Ki-joon and she thought by putting some distance between them (moving to Jeju for work) she could be able to figure out whatever it was that was missing. The incident where she could not find the missing exhibit item and that it was actually in the museum all the while helps her to put things into perspective and proves to her that whatever she was searching regarding her relationship with Ki-joon could also be found by just staying together and she just have to treasure what she has now with him and not go looking elsewhere :) Hope i have not made fellow fans of the drama even more confused by my own interpretations of the endings ;)

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