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(SPOILER) Korean Drama - City Hunter Finale

On July 28th, SBS’s popular drama, ‘City Hunter‘ came to a close. The drama maintained its lead in viewership ratings until the end with 18.8% and 18.0% (AGB Nielsen) on Wednesday and Thursday. Actor Lee Jun Hyuk revealed how he felt about the ending of the drama. He revealed through his me2day on July 28th, “My heart was filled with so much happiness for being able to live as Korea’s Prosecutor, ‘Kim Young Joo’. Please love and watch ‘City Hunter’ until the very end. Korea is alive. Also, although I, Kim Young Joo, will be leaving, I would like it if my character always lives in all your hearts. Thank you very much. I love you, everyone.”


The popular SBS drama "City Hunter" finally aired its series finale and wrapped up the fates of the three main characters, ‘Kim Na Na‘, ‘Lee Yoon Seong‘ and ‘Lee Jin Pyo‘. The last episode of the drama saw Lee Yoon Seong (Lee Min Ho) interfering with Lee Jin Pyo’s (Kim Sang Joong) final revenge on ‘Choi Eun Chan‘ (Chun Ho Jin).

Lee Yoon Seong was played into Lee Jin Pyo’s plan of revenge, and upon his discovery, he bellowed with sorrow and pointed his gun at his own head. In that moment, Choi Eun Chan yelled, “Stop it!”. Choi Eun Chan knew he had to stand up for his punishment and so he pushed Na Na aside, inviting Jin Pyo to fire at him, causing momentary confusion. Jin Pyo seized the moment and fired a shot at Choi, only to see Yoon Seong take the shot instead.

The surprised Kim Na Na returns fire and hits Lee Jin Pyo’s chest. After seeing the President getting ushered away by his guards and Yoon Seong lying hurt on the ground, Jin Pyo knew that this was the end of his revenge as he yells out that he is the ‘City Hunter’ and takes the rap, before the remaining bodyguards shoot at Jin Pyo, thus ending his life.

Afterwards, Na Na is seen at the airport with her luggage when she glances upon the sight of Yoon Seong. After some twists and turns, the couple experience a happy ending as the two reunite, smiling warmly at each other upon the long-awaited reunion.


Yoon Seong is then seen cruising alone in his car as it leads us to assume that he is continuing his destiny as ‘City Hunter’, and making a possibility for a sequel.

With the finale, the ending attracted much attention with controversial comments from viewers. The foster father of  Yoon Seong, Jin Pyo, was hit by a flurry of shots and ended up dead.

Even though at the end, Yoon Seong and Na Na were reunited in a happy ending, but some viewers were left to believe that Yoon Seong was actually a ghostly figure. However, the producer, Kim Yong Sup, stated to TVDaily on July 29th, “Yoon Seong is not dead“.

Kim Yong Sup elaborated, “Lee Yoon Seong sustained a bullet shot in the last episode, but after much time passes, he eventually meets Na Na. He doesn’t appear as a ghost as it was actually just a time jump that we had set up. Of course, I respect the arbitrary interpretation of the viewers. However, just the fact that Yoon Seong didn’t die is strictly speaking, the definition of a happy ending. The director and writer put in the scene with this as their mindset.”

However, the last episodes of ‘City Hunter’ still resulted in the deaths of prosecutor Kim Young Joo (played by Lee Jun Hyuk) and Jin Pyo. Yoon Seong was injured by Jin Pyo’s bullet but recovered as time went by.



I'm satisfied with the ending and impressed with Lee Min Ho's acting in the drama. He has worked really hard to portray Yoon Seong's character and the action scenes were impressive! The final showdown between Yoon Seong, Jin Pyo, the President and Na Na was superb and exciting!!! I kept wondering how Yoon Seong will be able to lead a peaceful life even if he survived the showdown and does not lose his love ones as he did break the law as City Hunter. I was glad that Jin Pyo ended up sacrificing himself so that he can fulfill Yoon Seong's dream of living a peaceful life and proves that he does have fatherly feelings for him. It makes his character more real and honorable in the end and he also took responsiblity for all the crimes he had forced Yoon Seong to commit in the name of his revenge.



I did not expect that Yoon Seong would choose to sacrifice himself to stop Jin Pyo from killing his real father. By doing so, it really shocked Jin Pyo as he has been anticipating Yoon Seong to attack him to prevent his real father from being kille. However Yoon Seong had surprised and touched him with his decision to shoot himself rather then end up hurting Jin Pyo or seeing his real father being killed by Jin Pyo. I'm now hoping there would be a second season of "City Hunter" as i have enjoyed watching all the episodes :)














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