Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Love Coffee Bean's New Ready To Drink Beverages

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has introduced their new Ready To Drink Beverages at $3.50 per bottle. Enjoy in the comfort of your own home! I especially loves its Cafe Mocha which is made with The Coffee Bean premium coffee, infused with milk and rich Dutch chocolate. I can't wait to try out its tea beverages especially in this hot and humid weather :>

Also available in:

Honey Rooibos - Combining creamy African Rooibos with the sweetness of golden honey creates a soothing earthy elixir. Caffeine-free and refreshing.

Jasmine Pearl- Jasmine Pearl is a premium Chinese green tea scented with Jasmine blossoms, for a sweetly delicate, yet complex, refreshing tea.

Peach Assam- Hand-blended rich and robust Indian Assam, a premium black tea with ripe peach notes combine to create a balanced, sweetly flavorful brew.

Available at all Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlets.

(Source: http://www.coffeebean.com.sg/coffeebean/promo.cfm)

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