Monday, May 24, 2010

A Good Way to Handle Weight Regain

Have you lost a little weight, only to gain some of it right back? Take heart. All is not lost, if you go for a daily walk.

Research shows that regular exercise helps preserve some of the health benefits of weight loss, even if you end up putting a chunk of that weight back on!

The Biggest Loser
In a study, a group of overweight or obese adults lost 10 percent of their body weight through diet and exercise. And they enjoyed healthier blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels as a result! But here's the catch: They all gained 50 percent of the weight right back after upping their food intake. Still, during the regain process, half the group continued to exercise 5 days a week. And guess what? Only the exercisers maintained their blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol improvements after some of the weight returned. (Keep weight off for good by following the YOU Docs' tried and proven plan.)

Keep What You Earn
Unfortunately, weight regain is very common after people shed pounds. But by staying active, you could maintain not only your improvements in blood sugar, blood pressure, and HDL and LDL levels but also your improvements in insulin sensitivity and oxygen utilization. So don't let those big health gains slip away. Stay faithful to your exercise program, even if you find yourself dipping into the snack cupboard again. Here are some great stay-active options:

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