Friday, January 29, 2016

Happy ME Time :)

I finally have some lovely ME time to relax and enjoy a peaceful meal since my dear boy started attending Kindergarten on 4 January :) I'm glad that J has been enjoying his time in school although he keeps telling me that he misses mummy in school. He is such a sweet and gentle boy and i do miss him during the 3 hours he is in school but i'm also happy to finally have some time for myself hehe ;) 

He cried during the first 2 weeks when i drop him off at school and kept saying he don't want to go school and it pains me to leave him crying with his teacher. But i know that he will be fine with his teachers who have been really nice to him and updates me on how he is doing in class when i fetched him home. I'm glad that he has finally settled down in the 3rd week and i can see him making friends and enjoying the activities in school. They have art works almost daily and my little guy loves it. He also likes water and sand play time in school and playing outdoors with his friend. I really hope that J will continue to enjoy going to school and have lot of fun playing with his friends. Stay strong my beloved boy and mummy loves you to the moon and back :) We will have lot of fun together when you are back from school ;)

Photo 29-1-16, 9 07 39 AM
Yummy breakfast at my favourite Starbucks

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