Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fun Playground Time @ Sembawang Park

We spent a lovely Saturday evening at Sembawang Park and i was really thankful for the cool weather and fresh air :) I hope the haze will stay far far away so that my boy can have his precious outdoor play time.  My boy loves the cool playground at Sembawang Park and playing with the soft and clean sand there. He was also having fun playing with a cute and friendly doggie at the park and i'm glad that he loves animals and is gentle with them.

My little guy kept eyeing the swing which the bigger kids were playing happily and i can't wait to let him try it when he is older ;) Looks so fun!

We ended the day with a delicious dinner at the restaurant in the park and i can't wait to bring my little guy back to the park soon for more sand play and stroll by the beach. Outdoor play is really important for kids and i'm definitely going to let my little dearie have a lot of fun outdoor play :)

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