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Review Of Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash

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I have been wanting to try out Japanese drugstore brand Biore's star product -  Marshmallow Whip facial wash for a long time after reading wonderful reviews about it online. I was happy to accept the sponsorship of a bottle of its facial wash from Biore for review. What attracts me to the product is its skin Purifying Technology and ultra fine foam which helps users to prevent excessive pulling and tugging during cleansing. Thanks Elfaine for sending me the Marshmallow facial wash regular (for normal and combination skin) in a lovely package.

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More Information About The Product

Benefits Of Biore Mashmallow Whip Facial Wash For Users:

1) Convenient & Gentle - You only need just 1 pump for bouncy, ultra fine foam to prevent excessive pulling and tugging during cleansing.

2) Effective - Foam has bubble smaller than pores for more effective cleansing. Skin Purifying Technology to cater to different needs of T & U-zone.

3) Improves - Awarding-winning Skin Purifying Technology to allow skin to regain its natural 28 days rejuvenation cycle for clearer, supple and brighter skin.

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Biore has made 3 major improvements to this product:

1. Formulation improvement for Regular and Extra Moist
2. Packaging Refreshment
3. Acne Care launch

You can refer to the chart below to determine which product in the range best suits your skin type:

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My Review

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I super love Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash :)
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This is another quality drugstore brand product that i super love after just one time of using it!!! It is made in Japan and i love that it provides ultra fine foam instantly with just 1 pump. I can save time on lathering compared to normal facial cleanser and this is really helpful when i'm busy taking care of my baby boy and still trying to maintain my usual skincare routine. I also enjoy the feel of the fluffy foam on my skin while cleansing.

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Skin feels well cleansed and refreshed. Does not irritate my skin and feels smooth. Definitely gonna purchase this once i finish using it and i'm going to give its extra moist a try too. The Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash retails for $13.90 for 150ml and $10.90 for 130ml refill pack. Do give it a try too :)

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