Thursday, February 28, 2013

Channel U Drama - Marry Me 我要嫁出去


Channel U has started showing this interesting and entertaining drama starring my favorite local actress Jesseca Liu. I managed to catch its debut episode and  enjoyed watching the drama. Jesseca stars as Rainbow, the boss of a matchmaking agency. Yvonne Lim stars as Xixi, a gynaecologist and a workaholic. Ya Hui stars as Ruoxian, a kindergarten teacher who has an inferiority complex. A light-hearted drama peppered with humour, "Marry Me" looks into the reasons why people are marrying late or not at all, through the life stories of these three women.


The drama debuted on Channel U last night and if you missed the debut episode, you can click on this link to watch it on xinmsn catchup: (


The drama will be shown on Channel U every Wednesday - Friday, 8pm and you can also watch it online at ( if you miss any episodes. You can find out more about the drama below:

There is no such thing as women who can’t get married, only women who don’t wish to marry. Do you agree?........

What we see these days – eligible women getting married at a later age or even some with no intention to get hitched. Why is this rising trend? Is it a choice to stay independent, a herd mentality syndrome or simply because there is not much of a choice?

Meet Rainbow, Xixi and Ruo Xian – your three classic types of bachelorettes.


Bachelorette No. 1: Rainbow
Capable, confident, sexy and a charming career woman. And of course, you would expect a ton of hovering bees. But with standards so high, how can she ever find her absolute Mr. Right?


Bachelorette No. 2: Xixi
Beautiful, smart but a tad too busy for love. A crazy workaholic with barely any time for romance. Will she ever find time to encounter her Mr. Right?


Bachelorette No. 3 Ruo Xian 
Sweet and lovely, but comes with an additional baggage of inferior complexity. Insecure about her weight and appearance, she avoids love like plague. After putting up such high walls, can her Mr. Right ever get to her?


But as they all say, love comes knocking when you least expect it. And along comes four suave and charming gentlemen…Each unknowingly got entwined into the lives of these three bachelorettes. Will they be able to finally sweep these girls off their feet?






插班生 The Freshman 《逞强》 "我要嫁出去" 插曲 MV featured in the drama:

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