Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy 10 months Old To My Beloved Baby J :)

Time flies when you are raising kids and i can't believe my baby will be 1 year old in 2 months time. Hubby and i have not decided yet if we are going to have a birthday party for him as we have been thinking that at 1 year old he will not  really know how to enjoy the party and it will also be difficult to plan the party around his nap time. He is still taking 2 naps daily (which mummy feels thankful for as it is the only time i can catch up on housework, korea and Japanese dramas, reading the newspapers, blog and other miscellaneous stuff) and gets cranky if he does not get enough sleep. He is a light sleeper like me and wakes up easily if there are loud noises etc.

We are contemplating going for a simple family staycation maybe at Sentosa and bringing him to the Universal Studio and Sea Aquarium. Frankly i would rather focus on him during his special day than spend time entertaining relatives and friends (which we will be doing during Chinese New Year) and we can always have a big birthday celebration for him with all our loved ones when he is older and have friends from school.

Milestone wise, he is able to say Mama, Papa, dada and nene although there are days where he does not say a single word. Depends on his mood but he will always call for mama when he is upset and wish to be carried :) He is a morning baby and wakes up bright and early daily. He loves to go for long early morning walks in his stroller but dislikes going to air conditioned shopping malls unless i carry him using my ergo baby carrier which means more online shopping for me recently haha ;) He prefers to sleep on his tummy nowadays and is constantly practicing how to crawl sometimes in the middle of the night  However he has not perfected his skill yet and he is a determined and hardworking baby and is constantly trying. He is able to raise himself up while laying down and sit up on his own this month. He loves to stand holding my hands and try to walk tiny steps. Well done baby!

We are thinking of signing him up for the Bambino classes at Gymnademics as its physical and intellectual activities should be helpful for his developments. It will also give him a chance to mix around with other babies his age once a week but it is a challenge finding a schedule that fits his nap time. 

Meals wise, he loves his food and veggies and i have started feeding him more variety of food but salt, sugar and MSG are still big NO NO before 1 year old if possible. I'm glad that he appreciates the meat cum veggies porridge that i cooks for him during the weekdays and meals from Petit Bowl during the weekends. He also loves eating fruits and snacks from Happy Baby.

I'm thankful that i'm able to spend time daily with baby J although it can be challenging at times when he is cranky from teething or just in a needy mood. I  love to see his sweet and loving smile when i read him some of his favorite books and i have been borrowing lot of books from the library to read to him daily. Mummy and daddy loves you my dear boy and we are going to have lot of fun and exciting adventures together :) Be a good boy and stay healthy and happy always. 

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